Destiny 2: How to get the Legend of Acrius Exotic Shotgun

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The Destiny 2 Legend of Acrius is the game’s first assault Exotic and its solitary overwhelming shotgun. As you’d anticipate from a weapon with that sort of esteem, it’s additionally a bugger to get. From assaulting to crushing, the Legend of Acrius journey takes some genuine doing, yet it’ll all vibe justified, despite all the trouble the first occasion when you away from whole horde of adversaries with one shot of your handheld plasma gun. In light of that, we’ve assembled a full-fat guide itemizing how to gain the Legend of Acrius journey and how to finish it effectively.

How to get the Legend of Acrius Exotic

  • Procure the On the Comms mission and complete the prerequisites
  • Complete the Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid
  • Play through the End the Arms Dealer strike
  • Get the Legend of Acrius Exotic shotgun
  • Complete the Cabal Killer mission
  • Get enough tokens for His Highness’ Seal mission

Get the On the Comms quest

As a matter of fact beginning on your excursion to the Legend of Acrius is somewhat irregular, as it starts with you procuring a journey approached the Comms. It’s one of those journeys that sits in your capacity weapon openings, however you’ll simply get haphazardly once you’ve hit level 20. You can help power the get however by concentrating on assaulting Rebel Legion Cabal foes, as it’s one of those blighters that is clutching it.

Await the World Eater

When you’ve gotten it, it’ll give you one single target: Return to Nessus and recuperate correspondence figures from Red Legion soldiers. To finish it, head to Nessus as it recommends and rout the same number of Cabal as you can discover. We had the most karma in The Cistern – that region toward the south west of the guide on Nessus.

When you’ve finished On the Comms, it’ll change into section two of this Exotic questline. Initially it was designated “Anticipate the World Eater”, yet since the Leviathan strike is presently live it’s changed into “Destroyer of Worlds”.

As the mission plot proposes – nay, directions – you need to finish the Leviathan assault so as to tick off this segment of the questline. So snatch your five best Guardian amigos and dig in for some striking.

Furthermore, don’t worry, we’re here to help with a bit by bit Destiny 2 Leviathan attack manage.

Accept your Invitation

When you’ve beaten the ruler he’s going to drop the following phase of the questline, which is called Imperial Invitation. It expects you to return to the Tower and address somebody called Benedict 99-40.

As some of you may know, Benedict 99-40 simply happens to be the universally adored Sweeper Bot, who’s presently a fresh out of the box new post-assault seller with a unique journey for you. It’s considered End the Arms Dealer, which will require you to do an unmistakable Strike. In any case, it’s not one that is accessible from the principle Strike menu in your chief. Rather, you’ll have to choose it from inside the EDZ map directly alongside Legion’s Anchor – it’ll be set apart with a journey tag at any rate.

Try not to believe that makes it any simpler however. It has a prescribed force level of 300 and it has a fairly stringent time limit. Fortunately, you can shoot blue Anomaly spheres once you’re playing through, which each give you an extra 30 seconds on your clock.


Get the Legend of Acrius

Presently here’s the place it gets somewhat bizarre. When you’ve finished this Strike before the clock running out, you’ll really get compensated with the Legend of Acrius Exotic. In any case, you’ll likewise get another progression of the questline, which requests that you come back to the Tower to address Benedict. He’ll give you one more mission, called Cabal Killer, and that really opens the maximum capacity of your new Exotic.

To finish this last segment, you’ll have to do the accompanying utilizing the Acrius:

  • Murder 25 Cabal
  • Murder 15 Cabal at short proximity
  • Kill numerous Cabal without reloading, multiple times

You can finish these while doing different exercises, and murdering two Cabal without reloading considers “various”. Be that as it may, this shotgun just shoot one slug before you need to reload, so you’ll have to ensure you’re taking out two adversaries with simply the one projectile. Since this is an Arc-controlled weapon, it isn’t excessively precarious, however it’s unquestionably difficult.

His Highness’s Seal

Goodness truly, this mission just continues going. Subsequent to finishing the means for Cabal Killer, you’ll be approached to return to Benedict, who will give you YET ANOTHER journey. What’s more, this present one’s a doozy.

His Highness’ Seal expects you to gather 100 Emperor Seals, which must be obtained by playing through the Raid. Playing it through to finish once, you’ll acquire 74 of those awful young men, so you should do it in any event twice to get enough. Any individual who’s finished it – or even began it – will realize that is a mammoth undertaking.

Nobody has really done this yet, including us, so we’ll need to watch out for what comes next once you’ve handed every one of your tokens over to perceive what else Benedict has coming up for us.

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