Destiny 2 The Menagerie Complete Guide [Updated 2019]

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The Menagerie is Destiny 2’s most recent six-man matchmade action and it’s an entire pack of fun. From various perspectives, it resembles a scaled down assault. You’ll battle your way through a bunch of stages which highlight a blend of platforming, wave-clearing and circle dunking.

This assortment implies it’s amazingly moreish, which helps, since you’ll gain another cash called Imperial which goes towards redesigning your Chalice of Opulence. As you pound out the Menagerie you’ll start equipping this novel thing with Runes and exceptional capacities to augment and tailor your plunder gains.

Underneath we’ve assembled all that you have to think about the Menagerie, and we’ll keep refreshing this page as Bungie emphasizes on the mode additional time – stay tuned!

What is the Menagerie?

The Menagerie is a six-man matchmade action which sees players battle through different difficulties to open ground-breaking rewards.

It’s basically a smaller than normal strike, with new monetary forms, overhauls and rewards which drive the ongoing interaction circle.

For some odd reason, you can’t really lose in the Menagerie, yet your general execution will influence the prizes you acquire after crushing the last manager.

How do I access the Menagerie?

When you first boot up the game, you’ll be welcomed with another Pursuit (which can be found in the Director presently) called “Supreme Summons”.

The initial step is to talk with Benedict 99-40 in the Tower to get “The Invitation” questline in progress. This is the thing that you’ll have to finish so as to access the Menagerie.

We’ve assembled a total The Invitation Quest guide page which contains a walkthrough of the whole questline, and highlights simple approaches to tick off each undertaking.

How to complete every Menagerie challenge

Here’s a quickfire breakdown of how each test functions and how to finish them all.

The Lamplighting

  • Bring down the Lamplighter Knights which will bring forth around the field.
  • Get the spheres they drop and drop them into the lights specked around the stage.
  • Do this process again this procedure as fast as you can to advance to the following zone.

The Riposte

  • The principle objective here is to kill however many Tamed Knights as could reasonably be expected.
  • Loved Darkblades will produce around the field. Destruction these and they’ll drop a Relic Sword. Utilize this to convey immense harm to protected foes and clear crowds effortlessly.
  • Stick together and use wave-clearing Supers to augment your odds of survival.

The Crystals

  • Dispose of Vex foes and you’ll notice Void Cannons bringing forth over the room. Utilize these to annihilate the Crystals spotted close by the external edges of the field.
  • Void Crystals have a restricted ammunition supply, so attempt and abstain from binge spending it on gatherings of adversaries.
  • Stick together and utilize the Warlock’s Well of Radiance Super in case you’re attempting to remain alive.

The Arkborn

  • Arkborn Souls (green mainstays of shining light) will generate over the field. Your point is to go through these to accumulate Souls and store them at the yellow precious stones on either side of the room.
  • You just have a restricted time to convey Souls, so attempt and store them as fast as could be expected under the circumstances.
  • Store enough and a Treasure Ogre will bring forth in the focal point of the field. You should overcome it to reset the room and return to the past undertaking.

The Gauntlet

  • A sum of three players will be whisked away at irregular to partake in a strike course. The point is for one part to arrive at the end solid as fast as could reasonably be expected.
  • Upon finish, each of the three colleagues will rejoin their gathering.

The Hunted

  • Explore the halls and catch different zones by remaining in them. You’ll have to fight off swarms of adversaries at the same time.
  • Once more, this is an instance of staying together as opposed to part up, else you’ll be overpowered rapidly. We’d prescribe utilizing Barricades and Rifts to make the procedure somewhat simpler.

The Mockery

  • There’s an arch with a sparkling yellow precious stone in the middle – remain in this and you’ll get the “Bit of the Sky” buff.
  • The “Dash of the Sky” buff enables you to leave the arch and stay safe, in any case, it’s on a clock. When it terminates, you’ll get a debuff called “Contact of the Deep” which means you’ll take harm after some time except if you retreat back to the vault.
  • Your primary point is to execute the Wizards which produce around the field, snatch the circles they drop and take them back to the vault.
  • Basically, you’ll need to clear however many adversaries as could reasonably be expected while adjusting the buff and debuff you’ll get all through the experience.


Boss #1: Hasapiko, Beloved by Calus

Over the Season of Opulence Bungie will acquaint new supervisors and stages with the Menagerie. We’ll include guides for each manager additional time, so watch out for this area for additional.

Hasapiko’s a tremendous Vex Minotaur who begins off with an impervious shield. To bring it down, you’ll have to take out Hasapiko’s Living Firewalls which generate around the field.

Decimate one of these Living Firewalls and they’ll leave a shining white field on the field. Remain on these and you’ll have the option to arrangement harm to Hasapiko’s shield. We’d prescribe staying together and preparing power weapons when you have the opportunity to harm its shield as it’ll expand harm yield.

When Hasapiko’s shield has gone down, you’ll have the option to harm its wellbeing bar. It’ll make life progressively hard for you by coordinating dividers towards you which you’ll have to evade, or face insta-demise.

It’s significant that you put some separation among yourself and Hasapiko here, so you have a lot of time to both dole out harm and evade the dividers.

In the end Hasapiko’s shield will return up and you’ll need to rehash this procedure until its wellbeing bar drops low. Things will change somewhat here, however.

Three Quantum Hydras will currently generate in the field which you’ll have to decimate before the last three Living Firewalls show up.

At basic wellbeing levels, Hasapiko will start producing harder dividers to evade and that is about it truly. It’s ideal in the event that all of you split up and remain towards the back of the field as the dividers are unfathomably immense, and openings to avoid them are presently exceptionally thin for sure.

When you bring him down for good, a chest will produce at the back of the field. Air out it to guarantee your prizes!

How does the Chalice of Opulence work?

How about we begin with Imperials, the new cash which you will put resources into overhauling your Chalice.

You’ll win Imperials through finishing Triumphs identified with the Menagerie, which you’ll really need to guarantee by means of the Triumphs tab in the Director.

Complete the Menagerie and you’ll access certain chests which will concede your Imperials. One can be aired out after the last manager and you can likewise burn through 5K Glimmer on chests at the back of the Barge (home of Werner 99-40) to net yourself significantly more once you’ve finished an effective run as well.

Zoological display bounties passed out by Werner 99-40 will likewise net you Imperials. So it’s especially an instance of going through the Menagerie as frequently as conceivable to acquire yourself this immensely significant cash.

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