Destiny 2: Season of Dawn – How to farm Polarized Fractaline Guide

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In Destiny 2: Season of Dawn, Polarized Fractaline is the most significant money. You need it to buy Timelost Weapon Frames and overhaul every one of the four Obelisks around the Destiny world. Tragically, it’s not very simple to drop by.


When you open the Obelisks on the EDZ, Nessus, Mars, and the Tangled Shore, you’ll access eight week by week bounties — two from every Obelisk. These week after week bounties are regularly tedious (with destinations like “murder 300 Scorn”), however offer an enormous knock in Polarized Fractaline. Every abundance awards 100 Polarized Fractaline.

In the event that you complete all the week by week bounties, you can gain 800 Polarized Fractaline seven days, per character. With every Obelisk taking 200 Polarized Fractaline to step up, that is four Obelisk levels seven days on one character, and 12 in the event that you do each of the three.

Since you’ve saved Saint-14 from the Infinite Forest, the Titan additionally offers day by day bounties in the Tower Hangar — in spite of the fact that you have to open his bounties first. Holy person offers four bounties every day, and every abundance offers 50 Polarized Fractaline.

That is 200 Polarized Fractaline a day on one character, and 600 in the event that you do every one of the three. In the event that you complete the entirety of Saint’s every day bounties seven days on one character, you’ll gain 1400 Polarized Fractaline. In the event that you do each of the three characters, you’ll win 4,200 Polarized Fractaline from Saint bounties alone. That is seven Obelisk levels with one character, and 21 Obelisk levels with every one of the three.

In the event that you complete each Polarized Fractaline abundance from both Saint-14 and the Obelisks, you can procure 2,200 Polarized Fractaline (11 Obelisk levels) seven days. In the event that you do everything on each of the three characters, you’ll gain 6,600 Polarized Fractaline (33 Obelisk levels) seven days.

It’s significant that every Obelisk just has redesigns up to level 11. This implies you could finish three of the four Obelisks with multi week of granulating each of the three character bounties.

This by a wide margin the quickest and most productive strategy to cultivate Polarized Fractaline. In case you’re hoping to go quick, complete each abundance on the entirety of your characters.


There are huge amounts of Season of Dawn Triumphs that award Polarized Fractaline. Whenever you do anything wonderful in the season — be it finishing a journey for Saint-14 or beating the Sundial action without biting the dust — you’ll gain a portion of the new cash.

Triumphs offer Minor Fractaline Harvests (10 Polarized Fractaline), Moderate Fractaline Harvest (50 Polarized Fractaline), or Major Fractaline Harvests (100 Polarized Fractaline. You can glance in your Triumph menu, under the Season 9 occasional area, to perceive that you are so near finishing certain Triumphs.

Lamentably, Triumphs aren’t repeatable, which makes them not an extraordinary cultivating technique.

The Season Pass The Season Pass

Much like Triumphs, the Season Pass can drop one-time Polarized Fractaline rewards when you level up. There are three Polarized Fractaline drops on the season pass:

  • Major Fractaline Harvest for paying players at level 2
  • Moderate Fractaline Harvest for all players at level 7
  • Major Fractaline Harvest for paying players at level 72

Fractaline Skimmer

At the point when you complete Saint-14’s mission to open the Tower’s Obelisk, you can buy up to six Fractaline Skimmers seven days (per account, not character) for 5,000 Glimmer.

This consumable expands the opportunity that you’ll get 100 Polarized Fracatline whenever you complete a movement. The impact goes on until you get a Polarized Fractaline drop from a movement. This an extraordinary method to get an extra 600 Polarized Fractaline during the week. However, you do need to physically actuate it inside your stock on the off chance that you need it to work.


Random Activity Completions

At the point when you finish the Sundial, there’s an opportunity it can drop 100 Polarized Fractaline for you as a prize. While not actually solid, this is an approach to keep your Fractaline granulate going once you’re finished with bounties. You can likewise open the capacity to acquire Polarized Fractaline from Strikes and the Crucible.

As you overhaul your Obelisks, you can purchase advantages to improve the probability of Polarized Fractaline drops after specific exercises. For instance, Nessus has an advantage called the Polarized Fractaline Extractor, which improves the probability of procuring Polarized Fractaline toward the finish of the Sundial or the Menagerie. Mars’ advantage, Crucible Fractaline Extractor, makes it feasible for Polarized Fractaline to drop in the Crucible.

You’ll get Polarized Fractaline for doing nearly anything in Destiny 2: Season of Dawn. Be that as it may, in case you’re hoping to crush as much as you can before the finish of the period, bounties are the best approach.

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