Destiny 2: Shadowkeep and New Light Armor 2.0 Guide [Updated 2019]

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Protection 2.0 is another framework for Destiny 2, just discharged with the Shadowkeep and New Light updates. It’s free for all players and radically changes how you can fabricate your Guardian. In any case, with more customization comes greater intricacy.

In case you’re a little while ago making a plunge with Armor 2.0, you might be somewhat confounded. Here’s the way the new framework works, and what every one of those new details do.

The most observable change to the new UI is the group of details. Where Guardians recently had a posting of three details numbered 1-10, Shadowkeep has six details that go up to 100.

With Intellect, Strength, Discipline, Mobility, Recovery, and Resilience, players have better approaches to alter their characters:

  • Astuteness: Decreases cooldown for Super
  • Quality: Decreases cooldown for Melee assault
  • Control: Decreases cooldown for Grenade assault
  • Versatility: Increases player development
  • Recuperation: Increases shield recovery
  • Versatility: Increases complete wellbeing

Details presently have break focuses at each 10. For instance, at 30 Mobility, players will move 12% quicker. On the off chance that players have enough Mobility to arrive at the fourth limit (40 Mobility), they’ll move 16% quicker.


While a defensive layer piece’s details can’t change, covering advantages are adjustable in Shadowkeep.

In its stream, Bungie didn’t flaunt numerous new mods. Rather, it concentrated on the intensity of old mods. Contingent upon what they’re utilizing, players can choose things that advantage their playstyle.

For instance, a player who needs to base their play style on an Exotic that engages projectiles — like the Warlock’s Sunbracers — can give their character mods that recover explosives rapidly. In the event that players have a most loved hand gun that doesn’t have a decent reload expertise, they can utilize a hand gun loader mod to enhance a weapon advantage like Outlaw.

These mods are like what players had before Shadowkeep. The thing that matters is in how players can blend and match them easily, as opposed to finding a piece with the ideal advantage roll.


Various mods have various degrees of intensity. A mod that causes you discover hand gun ammunition isn’t as incredible as a mod that encourages you discover shotgun ammunition (since exceptional ammunition is increasingly uncommon). Be that as it may, players can’t choose a heap of overwhelmed mods.

Players need to deal with their vitality. On the off chance that they need to utilize an incredible mod — like an upgraded weapon loader that adjusts reload speed significantly in excess of a standard weapon loader mod — they’ll have to agree to something more fragile in their other space. The more dominant the mod, the more vitality it needs.

Mods have a vitality cost related with them, and covering pieces have a vitality limit. Protective layer pieces drop with an arbitrary measure of vitality, and players should spend different sorts of money to update their vitality limit. At the point when players maximize a piece’s ability at 10, the defensive layer likewise gets a little detail support.

Each reinforcement piece additionally moves with an irregular vitality type. This directs the kinds of mods players can attachment into the piece. In an ongoing blog entry, the engineers at Bungie affirmed that specific mod sorts are basic selective. On the off chance that you need a Hand Cannon Reloader mod, you’ll have to attachment it into a Void reinforcement piece.


In Destiny 2: Forsaken, mods were consumable things. Contingent upon the construct you were searching for, it could be exceptionally hard to gain the majority of the mods you need.

With Shadowkeep, players open mods for perpetual use. When you’ve gained a mod, you’ll just need a modest quantity of Glimmer to apply it to a bit of protection. In the event that you supplant it with something different, or you need to apply a similar mod on another bit of reinforcement, you’ll have to pay the expense once more.

Players can open mods in a couple of various ways. Mods originate from the Gunsmith, engrams found haphazardly on the planet, and zenith sources like the assaults or Iron Banner.


In Bungie’s push to separate ongoing interaction from beautifying agents, it isolated the manner in which Guardians redo their looks in Armor 2.0.

The corrective decisions for covering are presently in a sub-menu. In a past stream, Bungie flaunted the Armor 2.0 form of the ongoing Solstice of Heroes 2019 shield. In the sub-menu, players can apply shaders and the Solstice of Heroes defensive layer gleams.

Bungie likewise flaunted the third space, Universal Ornaments. This space is for unique decorations that players procure from the Eververse store, which they would then be able to apply the vibe of to any shield piece they possess.

In the event that players need the appearance of an alternate, non-Eververse set, they’ll have to obtain it again on the planet. As indicated by Bungie, all defensive layer sets that drop after Shadowkeep will be Armor 2.0. The studio delighted during a livestream this incorporates old protection sets from the past strikes or exercises like Escalation Protocol.



Beginning in Shadowkeep, all Exotic reinforcement pieces will drop as Armor 2.0, yet players can likewise haul Exotics out of their Collection in the event that they’ve just earned them. The Collection Exotics will have a fixed detail roll — which means it’s the equivalent without fail — and Bungie affirmed the numbers will be fair. To show signs of improvement moves, players should pursue down the Exotics in the wild or get them from Xur.

To convey when players are utilizing Exotic protective layer pieces, players can’t change the vibe of these pieces with Universal Ornaments.

There’s clearly a great deal to retain about the new defensive layer framework accompanying Shadowkeep, yet these progressions will make some detail and restorative obsessives incredibly, cheerful.


New mods originate from various sources, similar to the gunsmith, Banshee-44. As of this composition, we don’t know precisely where every mod originates from. As we play Shadowkeep more, we’ll update this story with a full rundown of mods and where to get them.

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