Destiny 2: Small Rice Cakes Complete Guide (2019)

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Specked around the Moon in Destiny 2 are ten Jade Rabbit Statues. These tricky animals can be found in clueless concealing spots, however it’s really connecting with them that is the most confounding part of their reality.

Turn up without a rice cake close by and you’ll essentially gaze at the Jade Rabbit’s face before strolling off flat broke. Be that as it may, offer it a little rice cake and it’ll give you a fairly decent reward.

Getting hold of these rice cakes isn’t expressly plot, and it tends to be hard to tell how to discover a lot of these firm treats. To enable you to out, we’ve assembled a guide laying out every one of the methods for doing as such, just underneath.

How to get rice cakes in Destiny 2

Open Chests

Around the Moon you’ll discover chests containing Glimmer and some planetary materials (Helium Coils). Air out these and there’s an opportunity you’ll acquire a Small Rice Cake.


Address Nightmare Guardians or Toland on the Moon and they’ll send you on Patrols. These are smaller than normal missions which will make them gather materials by crushing adversaries, catching a region on the guide and other basic exercises. Upon fulfillment you’ll as a rule win planetary materials and some Glimmer. Be that as it may, there’s an opportunity you may get a Small Rice Cake as well.

Planetary Materials

The Moon’s planetary material are Helium Coils. These look like enormous vials of gleaming yellow fluid, and they can frequently be found strewn on the floor while out investigating. Plundering them will concede you a remote possibility of accepting a Small Rice Cake.


High Value Targets

Periodically High Value Targets may bring forth on the Moon. These are incredible yellow bar adversaries who’ll require more exertion to bring down than your standard snort. Figure out how to fell them and a chest will bring forth. Air out it and there’s an opportunity a Small Rice Cake could discover its way into your stock.

Public Events

Open Events are little occasions where players can unite as one to finish a goal. The Moon’s home to a lot of these exercises, so ensure you take them on to build your odds of procuring Small Rice Cakes.

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