Destiny 2 Thorn Quest Guide: How to Get Thorn [Updated 2019]

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Bungie’s reintroduction of inheritance Exotics proceeds in Destiny 2’s Season of the Drifter and none other than the famous Thorn is returning.

Those from the first Destiny will recall the articulate madness of the Crucible when Thorn came to town. For all intents and purposes everybody was exploiting its incredible advantages to two-shot one another, which was both anguishing and furthermore silly measures of fun.

Thistle’s to a great extent continuing as before for Destiny 2 as despite everything it holds its harm after some time perk (Mark of the Devourer) and the other advantage which feeds it (Soul Devourer). Basically, any shots you arrive on an adversary will arrangement harm after some time ticks, and in the event that you figure out how to drop them, they’ll leave Remnant parts. Lift these up and it’ll refill a segment of Thorn’s magazine and buff its next harm ticks as well.

Bungie’s not giving it out for nothing, however. You’ll have to finish a long questline to acquire it, yet we have all the information you need directly here so you can design appropriately.

How to get Thorn

Beneath we’ve recorded all the Thorn journey steps. Credit goes to for the data.

Free Study

  • You’ll have to make a beeline for the Salt Mines in the EDZ.
  • Work your way in and prop up further until you achieve a room filled to the overflow with Fallen adversaries. The way should swing right, and you’ll be flanked by boxes and stages.
  • In this room there is a Transmat machine, or basically, an individual teleportation gadget. Cooperate with it and it’ll transport you to another area in the EDZ.
  • Pursue the way up and you’ll see the way to the privilege is hindered by a tremendous vitality field. Rather, glance over to one side and you’ll see a little way running along the precipice edge.
  • Continue along this way and you’ll go over a destroyed camp. There will be a worn out flame simply ahead.
  • Remain on the flame and connect with it to kickstart the journey.

A Melted Hunk of Metal

“In spite of the consume harm, you perceive this weapon as a Thorn, an incredible weapon fit for cutting off Guardians from the Light. The Shadows of Yor, supporters of a scandalous Guardian-executioner, are outstanding for conveying Thorns. This one is broken, yet you figure it might be conceivable to fix it. A respectable (and cautious) gunsmith would realize where to begin.”

– Bring the Ruined Thorn to Banshee-44 in the Tower.

Something Yet Remains

“Your Thorn murmurs with the ravenous apathy of the Void, yet it needs something basic. You realize the first Thorn was personally associated with the Hive, however you don’t know precisely how. Meandering around the Tower to get some information about the provenance of a prohibited weapon strikes you as a poorly conceived notion, however—There are calmer spots to pose inquiries. Places unusual, where educated Cryptarchs have settled down to do their work in harmony and calm… ”

– Pay a visit to Tyra Karn at the Farm. The Farm is available by means of the EDZ Director.

The Binding

“Keep going on the rundown of Guardian-grade segments is Sapphire Wire, another difficult to find thing some time ago supported by Hunters as a result of its flexibility. Sapphire Wire, as Plasteel Plating, was another setback of the Red War… however you feel certain that you can rummage some up.”

– Gather Sapphire Wire by finishing bounties for Ana Bray on Mars, by overcoming Hunters in the Crucible, or by finishing an Escalation Protocol wave. Heightening Protocol waves award the most effective advancement.


The Chasm of Screams

“While you were addressing Tyra, she referenced something many refer to as the Hated Path, a kind of groundwork to change a customary Hand Cannon into a Thorn. Wash your Light in revulsions. Feed your weapon with death. Tie it with infection. Revulsions, passing, affliction… that all sounds like the Hive settles on Titan to you.”

– Defeat the Arbiters, Sardav and Telesh, at that point rout Savathûn’s Song in an epic repeat of strike “Savathûn’s Song” on Titan.

The Essence

“Banshee has prescribed various uncommon segments that you ought to have the option to use to reestablish your destroyed Thorn to working request. First on the rundown is Hadronic Essence, a thick cross section of outlandish baryons and mesons, once ordinarily supported as an imbuement in Warlock fieldweave.”

– Gather Hadronic Essence by finishing bounties for Asher Mir on Io, by crushing Warlocks in the Crucible, or by finishing Nightfall strikes. Sunset strikes award the most productive advancement.

The Steel

“Following up of required parts is Plasteel Plating, a strong half and half plastic supported by Titans for its equalization of solidarity and functionality. Plasteel isn’t generally accessible for craftsman utilize nowadays: the Red War cleared out the DIY inventory network inside the City.”

– Gather Plasteel Plating by finishing bounties for Sloane on Titan, by vanquishing Titans in the Crucible, or by finishing experiences at the Blind Well. Courageous Blind Well experiences award the most proficient advancement.

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