Destiny 2: How to Unlock Saint-14’s Bounties Tips & Tricks

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In the initial two weeks of Destiny 2: Season of Dawn, you spared the amazing Titan, Saint-14, from the Infinite Forest on Mercury. Presently you can discover Saint unwinding in the Tower Hangar. In the event that you address him, you can get a couple of new missions for Season of Dawn. One of those journeys gives you another wellspring of the Polarized Fractaline.

A Guardians Duty Quest Community Service

Holy person 14’s most straightforward new journey is A Guardian’s Duty: Community Service. Go address him in the Tower Hangar and get the journey before you do whatever else.

To finish A Guardian’s Duty, you just need to finish eight Vanguard (Strike), Crucible, or Gambit bounties. Get bounties for whichever movement type you like best and start playing. Note you can blend and match the bounties you complete — they don’t all need to be from a similar action.

When you’ve finished each of the eight bounties, turn them in. Come back to Saint-14 in the Tower Hangar. After you converse with Saint, he’ll request that you place his book close to his ship. There’s a little, shining zone directly behind Saint. Cooperate with it.

When you’ve put the book down, Saint-14 will offer four every day bounties that offer 50 Polarized Fractaline each. In contrast to the Obelisk bounties, Saint’s bounties are exceptionally simple, respawn day by day, and can assist you with expanding your Obelisk levels a lot faster.

Tribute To The Colonies

In the event that you run through A Guardian’s Duty without finishing any of Saint’s different missions, it’s conceivable the bounties may not open. We’re right now uncertain on the off chance that you just need to finish A Guardian’s Duty, or on the off chance that you additionally need to complete one of Saint’s different journeys, Tribute to the Colonies.

Here’s the way to finish Tribute to the Colonies, regardless of whether it’s only for a Triumph.

Early Colonies

Tribute to the Colonies is significantly longer than A Guardian’s Duty, yet the destinations are simple. To start with, Saint-14 requests that you rout 100 foes on Titan. Go play a Public Event or Lost Sector on the little planet, and you’ll get 100 kills in a matter of moments.


Remembrance Through Service

After Titan, the mission takes you to Nessus. Address Failsafe before you do whatever else. Presently you have to overcome 100 adversaries on Nessus, complete a Patrol, and finish two Public Events. Note that one Heroic Public Event includes for two in this mission. Get a speedy Patrol you can finish while running a Heroic Public Event to take out two targets with one shot.

Execute anyway numerous adversaries you have left to complete the mission.

Protector Of The People

For the subsequent stage, you have to visit Devrim in the EDZ. You have indistinguishable destinations on Earth from you did on Nessus: 100 murders, two Public Events, and a Patrol. Utilize a similar strategy to finish this piece of the journey.

At the point when you’ve assisted Devrim, come back to Saint-14 in the Tower, and he’ll give you a brilliant statue. Spot it to one side of his ship, on a little stand. You’ll acquire the A Past Remembered Triumph, and get a decent pile of Polarized Fractaline for checking it complete.

We aren’t sure what this statue is for. In light of the request we did the missions in, it’s conceivable you should put the statue before Saint-14 offers bounties — in spite of the fact that we question that is the situation dependent on the abundance tooltip and the Triumph. It might become possibly the most important factor for another journey later in Season of Dawn. Or on the other hand it could simply be for the Triumph.

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