Destiny 2: Warmind – How to Get the Sleeper Simulant Exotic Rifle

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A fan most loved comes back from the first Destiny, believe it or not, Sleeper Simulant is back. Despite everything it sports the equivalent monstrous preventing power from the main game, and holds its one of a kind looking casing as well.

It’s a Linear Fusion Rifle, which implies that when you hold down the trigger it energizes a light emission. Give up and it’ll discharge this accumulated vitality in one exact burst. As this is Sleeper Simulant obviously, the harm yield is something different when contrasted with your lowland standard Exotics. This thing packs a colossal punch, making it an ideal ally to assist you with discarding husky, high wellbeing foes.

Since it’s so amazing, Bungie hasn’t made it a simple weapon to acquire a long way from it. You’ll have to fulfill various concealed strides so as to open Sleeper Simulant and start softening adversaries in a single shot.

How to unlock Sleeper Simulant

Here’s all that you’ll have to do so as to get your hands on this Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle.

  • Credit goes to Youtuber Ehroar, Redditor Reversedd and xHOUNDISHx for the information and film.
  • In the first place, you’ll have to finish the Warmind crusade.
  • When you’ve finished the battle, converse with Zavala, gather your prizes, at that point converse with Ana Bray.
  • Ana Bray will at that point give you a few new Missions to take on. Complete Missions “Inheritance Code”, and afterward “A Piece of the Past”. You’ll get the IKELOS_HC_v1.0.1 Hand Cannon as a prize.
  • Prepare the Hand Cannon.
  • Ana will at that point have another Mission called “Rough Intel”. This will request that you execute Hive and Cabal foes with headshots until you top off the rate bars.
  • Complete this, and you’ll be entrusted with “Rasputin’s Culling”. This expects you to crush Powerful Enemies with this Hand Cannon prepared.
  • After this you’ll have to finish 5 Heroic Strikes to beat the “Warmind’s Glory” strategic.
  • Next you’ll be entrusted with a Mission called “Hubs and Protocols”. You’ll have to finish 3 Escalation Protocols and access 15 Sleeper Nodes.
  • Presently you’ll need to replay the Will of the Thousands Strike with the Hand Cannon prepared to finish the “Impeccable Form” Mission.


Sleeper Simulant Stats


  • Assault: 345
  • Charge Time: 850
  • Magazine: 2


  • Composite Stock: This weapons has a flexible double reason stock. Somewhat builds security and dealing with speed.
  • Moving Target: Increased development speed and target securing while at the same time pointing down sights.
  • Flared Magwell: Optimized for quick reloading. Marginally expands solidness and significantly speeds up.
  • Polygonal Rifling: Barrel streamlined for withdraw decrease. Expands solidness.
  • Dornroschen: The weapon’s laser overpenetrates foes and refracts off hard surfaces.

Source By YouTube: xHOUNDISHx



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