The Division 2: A Complete List of All Exotics (2020)

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With the arrival of Warlords of New York, there’s eight more Division 2 Exotics to granulate for, some simpler than others. This new extension for The Division 2 sees players come back to the Big Apple just because since the arrangement began and thus, the foes are harder and there’s all the more sweet plunder to be found. All the current Division 2 Exotics are still in the game as well, so we have the total rundown here of each and every fascinating thing – weapons and defensive layer – and how to get them. Good karma, Agent!

What are The Division 2 Exotics?

Exotics are the most noteworthy level of irregularity in The Division 2, similarly as they are in the base game. They’re totally named, and typically drop aimlessly. With three one of a kind abilities and an apparatus score pertinent to whichever World Tier you’re in, you should hold off on pounding for them until you arrive at the most elevated level you can.

The most recent extension – Warlords of New York – has presented a lot of new exotics to the game. These ones are set apart with (WONY), so you know which exotics might be accessible on the off chance that you buy the extension.

Division 2 Exotic backpack: Acosta’s Go-Bag (WONY)

This extraordinary knapsack accompanies two advantages. The first, ‘In Hand’ gives an additional expertise level for 15 seconds in the wake of managing harm with a projectile, just as Overcharge if your ability level is as of now at six.

The subsequent advantage increments conveying limit, so you can convey an additional Armor unit, 25% more ammunition, and three additional projectiles, just as +10% status impacts and +10% fix abilities.

To get hold of Acosta’s Go-Bag, you’ll need to open a Hyena store in Jefferson Trade Center, or a Cleaner reserve while on an abundance chase.

Division 2 Exotic assault rifle: The Bighorn (WONY)

An adaptable outlandish ambush rifle, when you scope utilizing The Bighorn the rifle becomes self-loader and arrangements an astounding 450% harm with each shot.

That makes it a perfect harm seller for supervisor battles, yet it’ll take some acquiring – it can drop from Legendary Missions and Strongholds, however with a drop pace of just 5%.

Division 2 Exotic LMG – Bullet King (WONY)

Named after a scandalous manager that could be misused in the primary game, Bullet King satisfies its moniker. Truth be told, it never should be reloaded, and each 100 slugs that hit will recharge ammunition to the client’s stores, just as their squad’s.

Missions including Rikers are your most logical option, with a 1% drop possibility on Normal trouble, 3% on Hard, 5% on Challenging, and 7% on Heroic. Those are thin chances, yet we have confidence, Agents!

Division 2 Exotic mask: Coyote’s Mask (WONY)

The ideal cover for a flare-up, this respirator accompanies an advantage called ‘Pack Instinct’ which supports the odds of scoring a basic hit dependent on your crew’s good ways from the objective. Get in near increment your harm managing potential.

This one is pleasant and simple to get hold of, as well. You simply need to arrive at Level 35 of the game’s most recent Season Pass to have the option to open it.

Division 2 Exotic holster: Imperial Dynasty (WONY)

Another for devotee’s of lacking elbow room battle, this Exotic Holster can apply a ‘Consume’ status impact to adversaries inside 20m, while its qualities can help Status Effects, as well – making it possibly deadly.

It hopes to drop decently effectively, as well, with players revealing it dropping from Story missions, especially the fight with Vivian Conley on the stranded Tanker.

Division 2 Exotic SMG: Lady Death (WONY)

Seemingly extraordinary compared to other looking exotics to be included, Lady Death is something other than a pretty face. While moving, players gain ‘Stacks’ (four every second, eight on the off chance that run), with each shot at that point utilizing one of these Stacks to intensify harm by 60%. That implies that on the off chance that you have the most extreme 40 stacks, you can relegate 60% reward harm more than forty shots.

With slaughters likewise boosting development speed, in this manner at that point speeding up at which you can win Stacks, Lady Death makes certain to be fantastically well known. It drops fundamentally from Rikers supervisors, including bounties – the two named managers Adam and Eve appear to be the most well known to cultivate so as to get Lady Death.

Division 2 Exotic kneepads: Ninjabike Messenger Kneepads (WONY)

On the off chance that your weapon of decision sets aside some effort to reload, at that point this colorful pair of kneepads is for you. Moving between spread or bouncing over it will reload your weapon right away.

While Ninjabike Messenger Kneepads can be discovered most generally in the Dark Zone, they can likewise be found while playing PVE content yet it appears the drop rate is lower.

Division 2 Exotic chest piece: Tardigrade Armor System (WONY)

One for the ‘Tank’ of your gathering, Tardigrade Armor offers weighty covering recovery details on numerous jobs however its genuine utility lies in its interesting advantage, Ablative Nano-Plating. This implies at whatever point you (or a teammate’s) shield breaks, you (or they) increase 80% defensive layer as a little something extra for 10s. You can even expel the 45-second cooldown by getting a kill with your specialization weapon.

It can drop from any True Sons chief, so you’ll need to go to Southwest DC and lift the trouble for your most obvious opportunity.

Division 2 Exotic shotgun: Lullaby

Bedtime song is one of two Exotics in The Division 2 that… wasn’t accessible except if you pre-requested, however is currently acquired through the Deluxe DLC pack for 950 premium credits.

It’s an incredible firearm to utilize directly toward the beginning of the game but since it’s a level one shotgun, it rapidly gets outdated. Fortunately, when you arrive at the end game and overhaul your creating seat, you can deconstruct different weapons of a similar sort and utilize the segments towards buffing the Lullaby.

Division 2 exotic assault rifle: Ruthless

Heartless was another restrictive pre-request reward so you can likewise now get it in the equivalent luxurious pack for 950 credits.

Once more, you can overhaul the Ruthless when you arrive at end-game so it can get valuable at bringing down the Black Tusk, however up to that point you’ll most likely need to keep it in your reserve after you complete the initial segment of the game.


Destiny 2 exotic SMG: Chatterbox

Woohoo, this weapon is really accessible in-game! The Chatterbox is a colorful SMG that requires numerous means before you can obtain it. To get it for yourself, ensure you follow our Division 2 Chatterbox direct.

First of all, the Chatterbox has a Critical Hit Chance of +14.5% which is really high. At the point when you acquire it in WT4, it has around a 8k harm yield, shoot 700 rounds for every moment, and holds 60 projectiles for every mag. These center details can be altered with your apparatus and weapon connections however, so you can tweak the firearm to suit your playstyle.

Similarly as with all Exotics, the Chatterbox Exotic SMG has three gifts. The first is Incessant Chatter which expands the pace of discharge by 1% for each shot that hits an adversary, to a limit of 60%. At the point when you reload, this gets reset.

Box Magazine makes it so kills with the Chatterbox top off 20% of the magazine, alongside applying a 10-second buff. This buff makes it so every shot that hits a foe – alongside the Incessant Chatter ability – builds the magazine limit by one, to a limit of 60. Slaughtering an objective expends the buff, however completely tops off the magazine.

At long last, Blabbermouth is an ability that influences your different weapons. While the Chatterbox Exotic SMG is holstered, reloading with your prepared weapon inside 5-seconds after a kill gives a 20% lift to the pace of shoot for 10-seconds.

Division 2 exotic pistol: Liberty

You may not think an Exotic Pistol is justified, despite all the trouble, yet trust us: the Liberty is. The means to procure it are like the Chatterbox however somewhat simpler, in light of the fact that basically finishing the principle story wins you one of the parts. In WT4, the Liberty can do over 40k harm per shot, has a RPM of 150 and 8 rounds for every mag.

Freedom is the primary ability for the firearm of a similar name, which bargains an extra 100% harm to unfriendly hardware. Pointing down the sights additionally features all foe feeble focuses and gadgets.

Dazzle Justice gains by wrecking unfriendly gadgets, by causing the following slug after you to obliterate one arrangement an extra 500% harm. On the off chance that you murder a foe with that solitary projectile, your magazine is topped off without reloading and the whole magazine bargains an extra 100% harm.

At last, Independence buffs your prepared weapon while the Liberty is holstered. Wrecking any feeble focuses tops off 20% of that weapon’s magazine.

Not terrible, isn’t that so? Particularly for a sidearm. Whip this awful kid out to manage adversary hardware at that point cut down the agony as you one shot even the hardest of enemies. You can incorporate this hand gun in your loadout by following our Division 2 Liberty control.

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