The Division 2 Exotics Guide: How to Get The Chameleon Exotic AR

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How to Farm The Chameleon

The Chameleon is an irregular world-drop. This is uplifting news and awful news. Fortunately there is no perplexing and enlarged crucial to follow, similarly as with a portion of the other outlandish weapons. Awful news is that you’ll be helpless before the RNG divine beings while attempting to cultivate The Chameleon. The two strategies underneath are your most solid option, and are as of now the primary way individuals are getting their hands on the weapon.

Take on Bounties – Head into your menu and target Bounties. We suggest doing as such in territories where attack rifles are bound to drop (you can check this by squeezing up on the d-cushion while taking a gander at the guide. Simply continue cultivating Bounties at high troubles (testing or difficult to build your odds) and the weapon will drop.

Directed Mission – Head into your guide and press up on the d-cushion. This will raise the focused on plunder menu and let you see which missions are presently offering expanded drops of ambush rifles. Play through these missions on Challenging trouble or higher. Supervisors are bound to drop The Chameleon so you can likewise restart the crucial overcoming each chief.

The Chameleon Talents

You’ll need to get your hands on The Chameleon as it has some truly viable Talents. We’ve recorded them underneath:

Adaptive Instincts

  • Hitting 30 headshots awards +20% basic hit possibility and +50% basic hit harm for 45s
  • Hitting 60 body shots awards +100 weapon harm for 45s
  • Hitting 30 leg shots awards +150% reload speed for 45s

So Is The Chameleon a Good Weapon?

The Chameleon is an incredible weapon, however not in the same class as a portion of the others in the game. The drawback to the weapon is that its precision is extremely poor, so you should get entirely near your foes. The Talents do make the weapon suitable however, as landing body, leg and headshots will genuinely expand your general weapon harm. This will nearly happen naturally while shooting, making The Chameleon exceptionally ground-breaking once the Talents are dynamic.


Do You Need the Year 1 Pass to Get The Chameleon Early

The Chameleon is discharged as a major aspect of Title Update 7. While the Episode 3 strategic is bolted for seven days behind the year one pass, you can at present gain The Chameleon without it.

That is the means by which to get The Chameleon in The Division 2. For more assistance with the game make certain to look at our guide on getting each Hunter Mask. Somewhere else there’s likewise our gander at how colors work.

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