Division 2: How to get the Exotic pistol and find all the Liberty parts

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How to get the Exotic pistol and find all the Liberty parts

The Division 2 Liberty Exotic Pistol is a definitive sidearm for your Agent, since you can in any case utilize the holstered ability at whatever point you settle on an essential weapon. Like some of the other Division 2 Exotics be that as it may, you have to discover the entirety of the Division 2 Liberty parts first. This includes finishing numerous missions in The Division 2 on hard troubles, so read on for all that we think about getting the Division 2 Liberty Exotic Pistol.

The Division 2 Liberty Exotic Pistol stats

Like all Desert Eagles in The Division 2, the Liberty D50 Exotic Pistol holds eight slugs one after another and discharge at 150 RPM. At the point when you acquire the Liberty in World Tier 4 be that as it may, it bargains practically 30k harm per shot which is a crazy sum for a sidearm. It takes under two seconds to reload and can basic strike adversaries up to 30 meters away. Here are the three novel Liberty abilities:

Freedom: Gain +100% harm to threatening gadgets. While pointing, adversary feeble focuses and antagonistic gadgets are featured.

Dazzle Justice: After devastating an adversary’s feeble point or antagonistic gadgets, your next shot arrangements +500% weapon harm. On the off chance that that gave executes an adversary, your magazine is topped off and gives +100% weapon harm for the whole magazine.

Freedom: While holstered, crushing feeble focuses tops off 20% of your present weapon’s magazine.

These three gifts make the Liberty mind blowing at bringing down foe gadgets like automatons and robots, which the Black Tusk appear to have an interminable stockpile of. You can get out various adversaries on the off chance that you bring down an approaching automaton first, at that point click on a couple of adversary heads. On the off chance that you need to get the Division 2 Liberty outlandish gun, here’s all that you need and how to get it.


How to get the Liberty D50 Exotic Pistol in The Division 2

Acquiring the Liberty in The Division 2 isn’t simple. Right off the bat, you have to keep your eyes out for the base weapon, which is a level one High-end D50. This is a totally arbitrary drop so while you’re playing through the endgame and pounding for different parts to Kendra’s Liberty, ensure you pay special mind to a D50. One guessed spot to get it is toward the finish of the attacked Potomac Event Center strategic.

Beside the base weapon, the initial segment of the Liberty Exotic Pistol you’ll get is really during the story. Executing Kendra Nelson toward the finish of the Capitol Building level 30 fortress will drop the Pistol: Trigger and Mechanism segment, so on the off chance that you haven’t arrived at that piece of the fundamental story yet, play through till at that point.

Presently there’s three additional parts you need to understand that you won’t discover consequently. First up is the Pistol: Receiver and Paint Job, which drops from Captain Briggs toward the finish of the American History Museum in East Mall on Hard trouble. Complete that and slaughter Captain Briggs, at that point proceed onward to the following part.

Staff Sergeant Carl Wade will drop the Pistol: Sight and Rail toward the finish of the Viewpoint Museum crucial Hard, which can be found in Federal Triangle.

At last, Master Sergeant Steve “Junior” Quiroz will drop the Pistol: Grip and Tags, alongside the Kendra’s Liberty Blueprint. He can be found toward the finish of the Space Administration HQ in Southwest. Once more, you need to beat it on Hard trouble.

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