The Division 2 Ivory Keys Guide: What are they used for and where do you get them?

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When you arrive at the White House, one of the principal things you’ll spot inside is likely the carton that requires eight Division 2 Ivory Keys to open. So what are Ivory Keys in The Division 2, I hear you inquire? Set forth plainly, you acquire them by murdering 12 discretionary supervisors called Hunters. Every one has a secretive conundrum you have to understand, so in case you’re battling, perused on for all that you have to think about Division 2 Ivory Keys.

What are Ivory Keys used for in The Division 2?

On the off chance that you have your hands on an Ivory Key yet you don’t know what it very well may be utilized for, stress not. The Ivory Keys are utilized to open the container in the White House presented previously. It requires eight of them to open altogether, and we do comprehend what’s inside the bolted box yet we’ll leave that till the finish of the guide so we don’t ruin it.

To discover this bolted box, enter through the fundamental White House entrance, stroll past the Quartermaster and Vendor, at that point take a right. This is the place the Barber will be once you get him, and it’s additionally where you can discover the bolted box, on a little table.

How to get Ivory Keys in The Division 2

In reality getting eight Ivory Keys to open this container loaded with wonder is actually quite difficult. You need to bring down Hunters, which are level 35 mystery managers and near on difficult to discover without a guide. As I compose this current, there’s a great deal of disarray around how to get every one of the eight Ivory Keys, so I’ll endeavor to reveal some insight into the circumstance.

Before the primary significant Division 2 fix on dispatch day (Friday, March 15), it was conceivable to get eight Ivory Keys by bouncing into someone else’s down and killing the Hunters that you’d just killed in your own game. This implied you could cultivate a similar scarcely any Hunters on different occasions, and gain eight Ivory Keys that way. This strategy has since been fixed out.

Executing Hunters in another person’s down won’t reward you with an Ivory Key – despite the fact that you will get other top of the line plunder – so you need to murder eight unique Hunters in your game. While there’s 12 Hunters you need to execute to get every one of the 12 veils, just a single Ivory Key will drop per experience for a sum of eight.

Which Hunters do I need to kill to get Ivory Keys?

We’ve secured how to execute every one of the 12 trackers in our manual for the Division 2 covers, and doing so will remunerate you with eight Ivory Keys. Just the last tracker you execute from the Midas/Revenant and Death/Phantom/Cross/Diamond experiences will drop an Ivory Key.

On the off chance that it’s your first time bringing down the trackers, regardless of who the pioneer of the gathering is, you ought to get an Ivory Key. There’s still some disarray encompassing this however so on the off chance that anyone in your gathering doesn’t get one Ivory Key for every tracker experience, that player needs to welcome all the players to their gathering at that point execute the tracker once more.


What do you get in the box that needs eight Ivory Keys?

Obviously, getting eight Ivory Keys in The Division 2 isn’t generally justified, despite all the trouble if the prizes are naff. On the off chance that you need to discover the substance of the crate, investigate the picture beneath. On the off chance that you don’t, we’d suggest looking back up the page!

You’ll have the option to get your hands on the Shield Splinterer – F2000 ambush rifle. We suggest holding up until World Tier 5 preceding opening it, so you get it at the most elevated rigging score conceivable. You’ll additionally get a white weapon skin, and the Hunter’s Ax rucksack trophy. On the off chance that you use ambush rifles, at that point this F2000 is more than justified, despite all the trouble, however on the off chance that not… it’s despite everything cool to keep in your reserve.

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