Doom Eternal: How to beat the damn annoying Marauder

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Truly, the Marauder in Doom Eternal can get in the canister. Along these lines, you’ve played an OK piece of the crusade and have sunk into a consoling mood of gouging eyes, pulverizing skulls, and parting skeletons. Your daily practice of consistent weapon-exchanging makes them lock onto a foe, choosing the ideal weapon to counter them, before efficiently demolishing everything in sight. Everything going easily… until you meet the Marauder.

The Doom Eternal Marauder is distinctive to most of the evil presence program in that it’s amazing both unpleasantly and protectively It additionally has diverse assault designs, contingent upon how close you stand. Indeed, even with the definite instructional exercise the game gives you, this is as yet an extreme battle, so I’m here to assist you with acquainting it with your Doom edge.

How to kill the Doom Eternal Marauder boss

You’re not going to overlook your first experience with the Marauder in a rush. This “cautious powerhouse” conveys both a hatchet to hack away at your wellbeing and a shield to shield itself from approaching assaults.

Stand excessively close and it’ll find you napping with its shotgun, yet the Marauder will release blazing red shots on the off chance that you retreat excessively far. So keep it at mid-range to abstain from taking superfluous harm and exploit its weakness.

Wait for the green flash

When you have your separation down, the brilliant guideline for dealing with the Marauder is to trust that its eyes will gleam green. This signals it’s going to assault: shoot it during these casings to counter it. Come up short and you’ll take an enormous lump of harm. Adhering to the perfect range urges the Marauder to rehash this assault. Responding to its advances rapidly is key as it will square standard assaults utilizing its shield, else you’re simply squandering ammunition.

The best weapon against the Marauder is the Super Shotgun as it’s anything but difficult to time your ground-breaking shot after the viewable sign while managing generous harm. Then, send explosives and clingy bombs between fruitful body shots to exploit the additional harm. After a bunch of fruitful counters (contingent upon your weapon decision), the Marauder will enter an amaze state for you to run in for the Glory Kill.

Take out the Hellhound

The Marauder brings forth an orange dog that darts around and attempts to chomp you. Take a stab at changing to another weapon, for example, the Plasma Rifle or Heavy Cannon to manage the canine’s speed. It’ll restore a couple of times through the span of the battle, making it ungainly to concentrate exclusively on the Marauder. Be that as it may, it’s constantly worth evacuating the dog as it places you under unnecessary tension in a previously exhausting battle.


Restock resources often

Asset grain, for example, Zombies will as often as possible bring forth while you battle the Marauder. Cutting tool and Glory Kill these littler foes to produce the wellbeing and ammunition you have to keep you alive for the term of the fight.

Note: the Marauder returns in Slayer Gate difficulties and fields later in Doom Eternal’s crusade, as well. However, since you firmly followed my tips and aced its fight schedule, you’re prepared to tango with it whenever.

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