Doom Eternal: All Hell of Earth Collectibles and Secrets

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The principal level is refreshingly light on collectibles contrasted with a portion of the later levels, however that doesn’t mean they are any simpler to discover. You’ll have to keep your eyes stripped for flimsy dividers, shrouded zones, and elective pathways to get each mystery in the game. One tip: set your gamma somewhat higher than you typically would to make spotting flimsy dividers that bit simpler.


Toy 1 Zombie (Earth)

The primary Doom Eternal Hell on Earth collectible is discovered not long before you punch a 3D shape over a cell and jump up it. Check out the dividers of this territory and you’ll detect a dark divider with an enormous break in it in one corner of the room, scuffle through this and afterward follow the way to get this toy.

Toy 2 Doom Slayer

When you wind up dropped onto Earth you have to go to the primary structure entrance, however ensure you don’t drop down to the following level (load the last checkpoint on the off chance that you do). Before the drop down, gaze left and upward and you should detect an edge you can move up to – the toy is simply along this way.

Toy 3 Imp

When you’ve experienced the congregation and developed into a considerably bigger field at that point search for some blue neon lighting to one side. Left of this you’ll discover a lorry, bounce on that at that point head forward and hop up and to one side to an open floor. Head into this structure a little and search left for a flimsy divider. Crush it and hop down to snatch the Imp collectible in Doom Eternal.

Hidden codex entry

The majority of the codex sections can be found on the principle way (they’re story subtleties all things considered) however for this one you’ll have to pay special mind to a blue bounce cushion that is found before heading into the tram. Head up and you’ll detect a gigantic bit of missing floor on your right side, you can hop over this or stroll along the outskirt. At the point when you arrive at the end you’ll recognize the codex section. Goodness, and there’s an additional life in the event that you continue onward and head down.


Cheat for infinite extra lives

In the wake of clearing through the main arm in the tram look out for an intersection with a container on the correct side. Bounce on this box and up through the vent to get this Hell on Earth collectible.

Final two codex entries

There are two more codex sections that you can without much of a stretch miss before leaving the terrible strategic. At the point when you enter the last territory with the gigantic open room, continue following the way option to snatch one codex, at that point bounce down and head left toward the primary access to get the last one.

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