Dota 2: Auto Chess Mobile Guide [Updated 2019]

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The people over at Drodo Studio – makers of the tremendously mainstream Auto Chess custom mode for Dota 2 – hit an arrangement with Chinese distributer Dragonest to carry the game to portable. The curve? It’s never again associated with the Dota universe, however it’s for all intents and purposes a similar game.

This implies Auto Chess portable doesn’t include any of Dota’s saints or topics, yet it retains the majority of the mechanics players have come to know and love. In addition, Drodo studio has collaborated with ImbaTV – the people in charge of presenting to us a portion of Dota’s greatest occasions – in to dispatch the game with a gigantic esports competition circuit.

Auto Chess Mobile is still in its earliest stages, which means getting clear data on what it’s about can be very dubious. Indeed, even the demonstration of downloading it on your Android or iOS gadget can be confounding.

In light of the majority of this, we figured it is useful to note down all that you have to think about Auto Chess Mobile. After some time we’ll likewise refresh this page as the game develops, so keep this guide bookmarked for all the most recent.

Auto Chess Mobile: How To Download and Install (iOS & Android)

Presently that Drodo Studio’s done adjusting Auto Chess versatile, it’s currently accessible on both the Android (Google Play Store) and iOS stores in the West.

You’ll should simply scan for “Auto Chess” in either store and discover the Auto Chess variant distributed by “Dragonest”. When you’ve done as such, click download/introduce. Ensure you twofold check things first, as you would prefer not to introduce a sham.

On the Google Play Store it’s basically called Auto Chess (Dragonest Game).

On iOS, it’s recorded as Auto Chess: Origin (Dragonest).

When the game has been introduced on your gadget, essentially open it up and you’ll be taken to the title screen. From here, you’ll be provoked to login through your Dragonest, Facebook or Google account (this may differ contingent upon your gadget).

Select your login technique, at that point feel free to pick your server area in the menu just beneath. At the point when that is altogether done, you’ll be a great idea to go!

How to play Auto Chess Mobile

Maybe obviously, Auto Chess Mobile is unfathomably like Dota Auto Chess. Beneath we’ll take you through every one of the fundamentals.

A Very Quick Primer

  • Auto Chess Mobile pits you against seven different players and over various rounds. A definitive objective is to fabricate a solid group, win adjusts and develop as the last individual standing.
  • The initial three rounds (and explicit adjusts later all through each game) happen against AI Creeps and supervisors. They’ll drop things which will enable you to develop assets like things and gold which’ll go towards reinforcing your group.
  • When you first begin a match, you’ll buy a chess piece which you’ll position on the board. At the absolute starting point of each cycle a determination of randomized pieces can be purchased from the shop utilizing Gold.
  • When battle starts toward the beginning of a round, your dynamic pieces will battle naturally. In case you’re against AI adversaries, they will drop things. Lift these up by contacting them and they’ll go into your sack. Snap on these things to find out additional, and drag them onto characters you wish to prepare them on.
  • In case you’re battling against different players, no things will drop. In the event that you win a round you’ll arrangement harm to an adversary’s wellbeing dependent on what number of your pieces stay on the board. On the other hand, you’ll lose wellbeing if the majority of your pieces are decimated.
  • Toward the finish of each round you’ll pick up EXP and cash contingent upon how well you performed.
  • EXP step up your symbol. The degree of your symbol decides what number of pieces you can put on the board. You can likewise spend gold to step up your symbol and increase a favorable position over your foes.


Chess Pieces – A breakdown of the essentials

  • Chess pieces have either a detached or dynamic capacity. A functioning capacity is thrown when a piece’s mana bar is full, and it’ll pick up mana when assaulting a foe. A few pieces have intrinsically quick mana recovery, while others don’t. Certain things can support mana recovery, and thusly, the quantity of dynamic capacities cast.
  • Chess pieces can be consolidated and updated. On the off chance that you have three of a similar piece, you’ll be incited to consolidate them into a much progressively ground-breaking adaptation. To make a two star unit, you’ll need three one star pieces. To make a three star unit (most astounding level), you’ll need three two star units.
  • Each chess piece has a place with a specific race. Spot numerous bits of a similar race on the board and it’ll give a unique unit reward. You can tap the symbols towards the upper right of the screen to perceive what buffs are dynamic whenever during the match, or what number of units of a specific race you have to meet the following prerequisite.
  • The degree of your symbol/messenger decides what number of chess pieces you can put on the board. Try not to disregard this part of the game as there’s a genuine bit of leeway to be picked up by having one more chess piece on the board than the remainder of your adversaries.
  • Situating your pieces is likewise key to progress. Each piece fits into a specific original: ran, tank, professional killer. We’ll get into the procedure behind situating further underneath, however attempt and abstain from tossing them onto the board and think about who needs security, who could flank, who needs to sit in the backlines, etc…

Gold – Why it’s important

Gold is the thing that you’ll use to purchase new chess pieces and level up your symbol. Be that as it may, we wouldn’t suggest spending carelessly as dealing with your economy is critical to accomplishment in the last adjusts of Auto Chess.

There’s an unpredictable degree of system with regards to spending your well deserved money, or realizing when to spare the pennies. It’s well worth perusing our economy control for a breakdown of the most ideal approaches to deal with your gold. You’ll see it’s really founded on Dota Auto Chess, however all the counsel still applies, legitimate.

Auto Chess Mobile: Tips and Tricks

Underneath you’ll discover a determination of novice tips which will enable you to build up your game.

We’re still during the time spent building out this segment, hold on for us!

  • As a matter of first importance, consistently be adaptable with regards to a match. Don’t over focus on a technique as no one can tell what hand you’ll be managed.
  • While it’s pleasant to have an assortment of classes and pieces on the board, ensure you’ve generally got race characteristics as a primary concern as they can be down evolving. As each game creates, start amassing certain pieces so you have a high possibility of consolidating them at an early stage.
  • While we’ve exhorted not to submit excessively hard to a race, it’s smarter to have a couple of strong race rewards more than three or four powerless ones. We’d suggest amassing a few races so you can start fabricating a strong gathering, rather than one that is loaded up with assortment however frail in rewards.
  • Group creation is significant, so attempt and keep away from just buying tanks or went characters. Have a few tanks, a few healers, some run characters and perhaps a few professional killers as well. Along these lines you’ll have an assortment of harm sources and you’ll drive the adversary to manage different dangers, a fundamentally harder test than a mass of tanks, for instance.

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