Dota Underlords Alliances Tier List – July 2019

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Dota Underlords is Valve’s authentic variant of the mainstream Auto Chess – or is it Auto Battler? – kind assuming control over the gaming scene at this moment. It’s amazingly like Drodo Studio’s “Dota: Auto Chess” mode which preceded it, however there are some key contrasts which separate it from its antecedent.

Superficially it seems like there’s positively no contrast between Dota: Auto Chess and Underlords’ saint contributions. Be that as it may, that is not valid by any stretch of the imagination. Underlords is home to two or three new saints, and numerous detail numbers are totally unique as well. Notwithstanding having similar capacities, numerous legends change uncontrollably between the amusements.

In addition, Underlords has a totally extraordinary thing choice, which can likewise totally modify the quality of a saint. Regardless of whether you’ve originated from Dota: Auto Chess, it very well may be very troublesome knowing which legends are hot, and which are…well, not.

Underneath we’ve assembled a level rundown dependent on our many, numerous long periods of involvement with the game.

A quick note before we dive in…

This level rundown is in no way, shape or form complete, and it’s just intended to give new players a superior thought of what saints might be viewed as more grounded than others.

All things considered, the RNG idea of Dota Underlords implies it’s critical to be adaptable and switch techniques on the fly. This implies there’s a lot of blends which may not be considered “meta”, that can flourish in the correct circumstance.

For a total review of Dota Underlords, alongside connections to a lot of our different advisers for assistance you show signs of improvement handle of the game, ensure you give our Dota Underlords control a look.

Dota Underlords: Tier List

Just beneath we’ve isolated all the saints into classifications dependent on what we accept to be the most grounded units at this moment. As seasons pass by and patches are presented, we’ll update this level rundown to mirror these adjustments in the meta.


UPDATE: Medusa, Venomancer, Warlock – Buffed

Before we plunge into July’s level show, it merits featuring some enormous changes to the Venomancer, Warlock and more in Dota Underlords’ most recent fix.

First up, Medusa’s Split Shot currently applies thing impacts on optional shots which makes her considerably more grounded than previously. She’s effectively a standout amongst the most dominant officers in the game, who’s currently a flat out must-pick.

Venomancer’s wellbeing has expanded from [500, 1,000, 2,000] to [550, 1,100, 2,200]. Likewise, its additionally gotten other little upgrades which’ll give it even more a punch on the board. This should make it a progressively reasonable saint in general.

The Warlock’s additionally gotten enormous buffs all-round. He has better harm, better mends, diminished cooldowns and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

What’s considered top tier right now?

We’ve recorded the majority of the units which are top picks right now, on account of their unbelievably solid capacities and by and large flexibility. Detect these in the shop? Unquestionably consider adding them to your lineup.

  • Beastmaster (Brawny/Hunter)
  • Clockwerk (Scrappy/Inventor)
  • Disruptor (Brawny/Shaman)
  • Fate (Demon/Warrior)
  • Puzzle (Primordial/Warlock)
  • Gyrocopter (Deadeye/Inventor)
  • Kunkka (Human/Warrior)
  • Lich (Undead/Mage)
  • Solitary Druid (Beast/Druid)
  • Medusa (Naga/Hunter)
  • Necrophos (Heartless/Warlock)
  • Apparition Assassin (Elusive/Assassin)
  • Pudge (Heartless/Warrior)
  • Razor (Primordial/Mage)
  • Geeks (Scrappy/Inventor)
  • Terrorblade (Demon/Hunter)
  • Tidehunter (Scaled/Hunter)
  • Little (Primordial/Warrior)
  • Wind Ranger (Elusive/Hunter)

Strong, however not top level

These saints are for the most part worth getting in case you’re assembling a particular group sythesis, or on the off chance that you are very brave to spend in the late game.

  • Chemist (Scrappy/Warlock)
  • Abundance Hunter (Scrappy/Assassin)
  • Disorder Knight (Demon/Knight)
  • Mythical beast Knight (Human/Dragon/Knight)
  • Drow Ranger (Heartless/Hunter)
  • Conjurer (Beast/Druid)
  • Juggernaut (Brawny/Warrior)
  • Attendant of the Light (Human/Mage)
  • Lycan (Human/Beast/Warrior)
  • OmniKnight (Human/Knight)
  • Ruler of Pain (Demon/Assassin)
  • Sand King (Beast/Assassin)
  • Shadow Fiend (Demon/Warlock)
  • Slark (Scaled/Assassin)
  • Expert marksman (Deadeye/Hunter)
  • Knight Assassin (Elusive/Assassin)
  • Timbersaw (Scrappy/Inventor)
  • Treant Protector (Elusive/Druid)
  • Troll Warlord (Troll/Warrior)
  • Venomancer (Beast/Warlock)
  • Warlock (Blood-Bound/Warlock)

Situational picks

In no way, shape or form are these the weakest legends in the game, however they’ll be more grounded whenever opened into a specific lineup or updated before set on the board. As usual, they can be down changing whenever utilized in the correct circumstance.

  • Abaddon (Undead/Knight)
  • Hatchet (Brawny/Warrior)
  • Hostile to Mage (Elusive/Demon Hunter)
  • Circular segment Warden (Primordial/Shaman)
  • Bat Rider (Troll/Knight)
  • Bloodseeker (Human/Assassin)
  • Precious stone Maiden (Human/Mage)
  • Nature’s Prophet (Elusive/Druid)
  • Lina (Human/Mage)
  • Luna (Elusive/Knight)
  • Mirana (Elusive/Hunter)
  • Morphling (Primordial/Assassin)
  • Monstrosity Magi (Blood-Bound/Mage)
  • Puck (Elf/Dragon/Mage)
  • Shadow Shaman (Troll/Shaman)
  • Slardar (Scaled/Warrior)
  • Tinker (Scrappy/designer)
  • Tusk (Beast/Warrior)
  • Snake (Dragon/Assassin)
  • Witch Doctor (Troll/Warlock)


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