Escape From Tarkov: The Best Ammo for Each Type (2020)

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For those Tarkov veterans who have run incalculable fruitful strikes, there’s still opportunity to get better by realizing which ammunition does the best harm against thick protective layer, tissue, and anything in the middle.

With different variables like defensive layer class, leg meta, and whether your objective has a visor or not to consider when taking a weapon battle, here and there it’s only simpler to realize the best ammunition types in Tarkov and get the opportunity to work. Here we separate the best Tarkov ammunition to use for each kind so you can head into each strike with certainty. We’re excluding weapons that can just take one kind of ammunition like the TOZ-106, as there’s actually no other alternative.


  • SP7
  • SP8
  • PSV

The PMM adjusts are extraordinary as well, however are not perfect with Kedr SMGs. When all is said in done all 9x18mm are futile against protective layer, yet they have fair harm details. Get Prapor up to level 3 so as to purchase these.


  • PT GZH

This round is essentially just good with the TT gun and flaunts normal details in all cases. We suggest taking the TT with GZH adjusts as a high infiltration reinforcement should you come up short on ammunition for your essential. The LRNPC rounds will hand out higher tissue harm on the off chance that you incline toward that.


  • AP 6.3
  • Luger CCI

These rounds are utilized in a great deal of guns and SMGs – PP19, Saiga-9, MP5, and MPX come into view – and are certainly worth loading up on. For the most part, they offer extremely low defensive layer entrance however bargain average tissue harm per shot. The AP 6.3 will make the 9x19mm reasonable against medium protection, yet is expensive so the PST GZH is a strong other option in case you’re on a tight spending plan. Stay away from the PSO GZH adjusts except if you’re just going toward tissue sacks or are certain about the leg meta.

In case you’re utilizing a SMG with an enormous limit and high pace of shoot, the Luger CCI rounds can overpower adversaries with a hail of gunfire, while managing sensible harm and taking out mid-level defensive layer through sheer volume.

5.7X28MM FN

  • SS190
  • SS193

Explicitly made for the 5-7 gun and P90 SMG, this round was worked in view of infiltration. In case you’re hoping to overcome protection you’ll need to utilize the SS190 adjusts, which bite through reinforcement, particularly with a since a long time ago bust from the P90. Another choice is the SS193, which has comparable insights however is a subsonic round, implying that your adversaries won’t hear a split from the round.


  • SP13
  • SP10

These rounds are greatly improved against defensive layer than different choices right now, you’ll have to rank Prapor up to level 4 to get them.

.366 TKM

  • EKO
  • FMJ

There’s truly not much fluctuation right now, however you’ll need to maintain a strategic distance from the Geksa because of its appalling infiltration esteems. These rounds are utilized by the Vepr AKM and VPO-209 and we feel it’s fundamentally imperative to call attention to the EKO is basic in case you’re going to utilize the VPO-209 gratitude to its higher shield pen and gag speed details – it’s as yet not exactly an expert marksman.


  • 12/70 AP20 Slug
  • 12/70 8.5mm Magnum Buckshot

In the event that you aren’t handling the TOZ shotgun, at that point you will utilize these 12 measure shells. Slugs are strong lead shots that basically convert your shotgun into a rifle. Hitting somebody with one of these will punch through defensive layer well and obliterate anyone part you hit. The AP20 slug has the best infiltration power, to guarantee you endure the shield.

Buckshot is a spread of concentrated pellets that can in any case give various hits at medium reaches, reinforcement will overcome the pellets without any problem. The Magnum Buckshot rounds will bargain great harm, and if two of the nine shots hit an unarmoured body part it will be quickly crushed.



  • Star Slug
  • Devastator Slug

These thick twenty measure shells are just utilized in the TOZ-106 right now, yet in the event that you’re going for a spending run, at that point taking some great ammunition can cause this firearm to perform well indeed. The 12/70 Star Slug is the best infiltrating round, regardless of whether it’s despite everything low contrasted with most different bores. It compensates for this with enormous harm. If its all the same to you dropping your infiltration to essentially nothing, the relevantly named Devastator Slug will bargain amazing harm to unarmoured body parts.


  • BP
  • PS

You’ll locate this round in the vast majority of the AK variations, including the AKM, AK-104, SKS, VEPR, and AK-103. Along these lines, you’ll likely need to load up on these, so making the correct call here is fundamental. For the most part, these rounds offer incredible protection entrance and substance harm, so you ought to be okay focusing on the thorax. By and large, you’ll need magazine’s stacked with BP adjusts as they will punch through for all intents and purposes anyone defensive layer and still dole out a lot of substance harm. PS adjusts offer somewhat more harm against tissue without trading off a lot regarding amur infiltration, so think about these a strong reinforcement.


  • 7N9 SPP
  • 7N12 BP

Just two firearms utilize this Escape From Tarkov ammunition type: the AS VAL and VSS Vintorez. The SPP and BP variations are phenomenal at punching through medium shield and don’t bring long to down, yet they are over the top expensive and precarious to get hold off in huge amounts, so the SP6 is the early game alternative to go for.


  • SP13
  • SP10

You’ll possibly be looking for this cartridge on the off chance that you have a SR-1MP Gyurza. The distinction between the SP10 and SP13 is immaterial, yet the protection pen drops off a bluff when utilizing the SP11 and SP12 adjusts.


  • AP SX
  • FMJ SX
  • Subsonic SX

Utilized distinctly by the MP7A1 and MP7A2, these rounds offer moderate shield infiltration and harm, which when joined with the weapon’s high pace of discharge makes it very fatal around other people scraps. Any of these rounds will work, despite the fact that we’d maintain a strategic distance from the Action SX as it offers desolate defensive layer infiltration details.


  • M61
  • M62

In the event that you figured the AK’s 7.62x39mm rounds could tear through defensive layer, at that point you’ll truly get a kick out of its greater sibling. Utilized over various long-go weapons, including the M700, DVL-10, RSASS, M1A, SA-58, and Vepr Hunter, these rounds have no issue entering higher class armours. As these are for the most part expert marksman rifle adjusts you don’t require many, so we recommend kitting yourself out with the absolute best to guarantee you see a pink fog instead of flashes taking off protective layer. The M61 will tear through defensive layer, and keeping in mind that the M62 will deal with medium covering easily, it’s high tissue harm details make it perfect for chasing scavs.


  • SNB

Probably the greatest gauge available to new players, the 7.62x54mmR can be stacked into Mosin, SV-98, and SVDS rifles. In the event that you’re utilizing a degree, at that point you might need to settle on the 7N1 Sniper adjusts as you can put your shots to evade defensive layer. On the off chance that you’re anticipating bringing your objective down with chest shots, at that point you’ll need to utilize the most noteworthy reinforcement entrance adjusts where conceivable – the SNB carries out a responsibility on everything except the hardest armours.


  • M995
  • M855
  • Warmage

You have an astounding nine options with regards to picking adjusts for your M4A1 variations, for example, the HK 416A5, DT MDR, AK-101, AK-102, and ADAR 2-15. On the off chance that you’re a firm adherent to the leg meta, at that point you’ll likely incline toward the 55 HP, Warmage, and MK 255 Mod 0 adjusts that bargain an eye-watering measure of substance harm – the Warmage wins over here, yet its covering infiltration esteems are among the most reduced in the game.

On the off chance that you want to focus on the thorax and essentially punch through any defensive layer in your manner then the best choices is the M955 round, which despite everything misses the mark concerning the normal 7.62x39mm round for reinforcement pen. The M885 is somewhere close to the two – fair reinforcement pen yet a lot of tissue harm. These shred class 4 protective layer, however battle against anything thicker.


  • 7N39
  • BS
  • BT

Get yourself some 7N39 rounds and an AK-74 and there’s no reinforcement you won’t have the option to destroy. They are really costly and precarious to get hold off, so consider BS adjusts the following best thing with BT adjusts a nearby third – they’ll manage class 4 protective layer, however fail to meet expectations on anything better.

What’s more, there you have it, all the best Escape From Tarkov ammunition types for every weapon. In the event that you’re new to the game, at that point look at our how to escape from Tarkov manage. In like manner, in the event that you’re pondering getting the game, at that point we have a speedy gathering of all that we think about the guaranteed Escape From Tarkov Steam discharge.

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