Farming with Miners & Best Loot Strategy For TH10 to TH12

Today I will share a phenomenal cultivating procedure for TH10, TH11, and TH12. I have been utilizing this procedure for quite a while, so I chose to impart it to you as well.

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Legends are a bit much as you are going to take out mines and authorities on the web, yet on the off chance that you need to push your trophies, at that point you may require saints and spells.

Choosing the right base

Quest for a dead base or the base which has a legitimate measure of assets in its authorities and mines simply like the picture underneath.

So asset building and authorities of this base are half filled. I chose to assault it, and I was fruitful in taking the greater part of the assets.

Army Composition

Armed force piece is straightforward. Simply top off the majority of your camps with Miners and if few spaces are left, train savages or toxophilite.



Send 3-4 diggers on each mine and gatherer. They will most likely demolish it in a flash.

At that point convey the majority of your outstanding diggers on the stockpiles of one side simply like in the picture above. I sent all my outstanding excavators on the gold stockpiles of drawback. Use bowmen in the event that despite everything you need 2-3 percent of the base to win. Here is the outcome:

I didn’t clarify much as it was not required on the grounds that this methodology is direct to perform. Simply attempt it for 2-3 days, and you will be ace of it. I am certain you will love this system.



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