Final Fantasy 7 Remake: How to Unlock and Beat the Secret Summon

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How to Unlock and Beat the Secret Summon

There are some significant changes in Square Enix’s most recent Final Fantasy game Final Fantasy 7 Remake, however one thing that remaining parts the equivalent are the bring materia. The request are ground-breaking elements that can join fights on Cloud’s side to wallop foes and cast incredible enchantment. Be that as it may, dissimilar to the first FF7, players need to initially fight and annihilation these ages fighting before they can snatch their call materia. The most troublesome of these to get is Bahamut.


Bahamut is a solid call character that shows up in a few FF games. This winged serpent has a long history in the Final Fantasy arrangement, and his appearance in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake isn’t an amazement. Of all the request that players can get in this first section of the revamp, he is the most remarkable and is the most hard to crush.

In the same way as other of the other gather materia in the new Final Fantasy 7, players need to fight him in the VR fights through Chadley. Through this productive NPC side journey supplier, players can fight against Shiva, Fat Chocobo, Leviathan, and Bahamut and increase their materia to add to their gathering. Bahamut shows up after players can finished the nineteenth Battle Intel Report.

Preparing For The Bahamut Battle

Before jumping into fight with this hazardous winged serpent, players will need to guarantee that they are set up as could be expected under the circumstances. Players can’t be unreasonably arranged for this; Bahamut isn’t anything but difficult to beat except if Cloud and gathering goes into the fight with some prep. Initially, players will need to maximize their levels and maximize their weapons; ensure Tifa and Cloud have the most ideal weapons they can. Being level 50 is a major assistance; players need a great deal of HP to fight off a portion of Bahmut’s greater assaults. Having 7k or more HP is a need just as a ton of extraordinary materia that has been stepped up as well.

  • Mending is an unquestionable requirement – Players will need to ensure that their recuperating materia and restore materia are totally stepped up.
  • Boosting materia – MP Up, Magic Up, HP Up, Luck Up are for the most part extraordinary for this fight and will help give players the edge they need against Bahamut.
  • Amplify – Allows fix spells to hit every well disposed objective. This materia is barely noticeable in Chapter 9.
  • Most grounded Summon – Whatever player’s most grounded bring, put that on to get some additional assistance.

Not at all like a portion of different fights players have done, Bahamut doesn’t have an essential shortcoming, in contrast to Shiva and Ifrit. He’s an incredibly even character, and one that Cloud and companions will need on their side.


The Fight

The fight against Bahamut is a race to see who can accomplish more harm, Cloud or the Summon. Cloud and Tifa will be the best scuffle while Aerith makes for an extraordinary mystical help unit. Make a point to surrender her MP, Cure, and Magnify to ensure that she can give the other two the help they have to win.

The entirety of Bahamut’s fundamental assaults should be hindered instead of dodged. Prepare sure to be to hinder whenever the winged serpent starts an assault, with one major special case: Megaflare. Players will realize when he’s going to Megaflare in light of the fact that he will commencement from 5. When he arrives at zero, players will be dead regardless of what they do. The Megaflare simply accomplishes more harm than Final Fantasy 7 Remake players have. So they should break the assault. As he tallies down, do everything in the gathering’s capacity to stun him out of the assault.

Once Bahamut is stunned, utilize Unbridled Strength with Tifa’s astounding battling moves and crush against the mythical serpent until he’s vanquished.

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