Final Fantasy 7 Remake: How to Get Fat Chocobo Summon

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How to Get Fat Chocobo Summon

With the arrival of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, fans over the world get another opportunity to encounter the 1997 title in present day wonder. While a few things may have changed in the initial segment of Cloud Strife’s excursion, numerous natural components stay devoted to the first game. In fight, players can even now depend on having the option to gather and one of the numerous creatures they can call is the type of a Fat Chocobo.

As a staple of the arrangement since Final Fantasy 3, calls are incredible otherworldly brutes that have hostile, mending, or strong impacts relying upon the animal. Then again, Chocobos have been around since Final Fantasy 2 and can fill in as fast transportation or a break from a terrible circumstance. In light of that, the Fat Chocobo in Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a larger than average adaptation of the arrangement’s mascot, however players should initially beat it fighting before acquiring the option to call it.

Fat Chocobo Location

In-game, the Fat Chocobo can be obtained by battling and overcoming a VR reenactment of it. Players can open the strategic talking with Chadley during Chapter 9 of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake story. Chadley will dally in Wall Market, west of the thing shop.

Fat Chocobo Strategy

Contrasted with battling different summons, the Fat Chocobo is considerably less serious, yet players can’t simply stop and tank everything. The Fat Chocobo has no particular shortcomings, so the most grounded assaults and spells accessible to players will carry out the responsibility. Utilize exceptional capacities, for example, Cloud’s Triple Slash to get an amaze reward and harm increment. Catch up with Aerith or Tifa’s capacities to prop the lurch up and do greatest harm.


Fat Chocobo Moveset

The Fat Chocobo utilizes physical assaults so players ought to prepare a Barrier Materia and use either Barrier or Manawall to divide harm taken by the gathering. Cautiously move and evade rubbish that the Fat Chocobo tosses out or watchman to decrease any harm done by the assault. Every so often, the Moogle going with the Fat Chocobo will take care of it utilizing “Eat up, kupo!”. This will cause the Fat Chocobo to utilize “Kweh kewh” where it bounces all over multiple times and moves around multiple times, watch this assault or utilize guarded spells on the off chance that avoiding isn’t an alternative.


Moreover, the Moogle will likewise gather extra foes to manage every now and then utilizing “Fingers crossed, kupo!” These includes are spooky adaptations of Cactuars, Tonberries, and Bombs. They can be effectively taken out, however more will be called as the battle delays so an infrequent capacity or hostile bring like Ifrit will keep their numbers low and the player’s consideration exclusively on the Fat Chocobo.

When the Fat Chocobo reenactment falls, players will get the Fat Chocobo Materia and have the option to call it in fight.

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