Final Fantasy 7 Remake Enemy Skills Guide: How to Learn All Enemy Skills

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How to Learn All Enemy Skills

So as to get Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s Master of Mimicry trophy players should learn four distinctive Enemy Skills. To do this, fans should initially acquire the Enemy Skill Materia in Final Fantasy 7 Remake and afterward visit four Enemy Skill areas. Giving subtleties on the best way to get this Enemy Skill Materia, just as the areas of all the Enemy Skills in FF7 Remake, is actually the motivation behind this guide.

To start, Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s Enemy Skill Materia can be bought from Chadley in the wake of finishing fight intel report 16, which requests that players Assess 30 foe types. Fans can access this fight intel report as ahead of schedule as Chapter 13, and finishing it essentially expects players to prepare the Assess Materia and utilize its capacity on various kinds of foes. When fight intel report 16 has been finished, players would then be able to visit Chadley in the Sector 5 ghettos and pickup FF7 Remake’s Enemy Skill Materia.

Now, players can start learning Enemy Skills in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and that is done basically by getting hit by explicit foe capacities with the Enemy Skill Materia prepared. All things considered, fans ought to prepare the Enemy Skill Materia to the character that they might want to control as they handle FF7 Remake’s Master of Mimicry accomplishment and battle the foes that are point by point beneath in the meant areas.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Enemy Skill Locations

Algid Aura

This FF7 Remake Enemy Skill is found out from Cerulean Drakes’ Icy Aura capacity. Here is the place players can discover Cerulean Drakes:

  • Right off the bat in Chapter 15 on the third floor of Distillation Tower 2
  • In Chapter 3 as a component of the Just Flew in From the Graveyard side mission
  • In Chapter 11 in the Train Graveyard

Bad Breath

This FF7 Remake Enemy Skill is found out from Malboro, and it is therefore just available in the wake of completing the game. Here is the manner by which to battle Malboro subsequent to finishing a playthrough:

  • Use Chapter Select to replay Chapter 17 in Hard Mode
  • Close to the start of the section, Chadley will offer another Shinra VR Combat Simulator challenge
  • Arrive at the fifth round of this new six-star challenge to battle Malboro


This FF7 Remake Enemy Skill is found out from the accompanying four adversaries, however Smogger is simply the suggested focus, as it will constantly Self-Destruct upon rout:

  • Bomb: In Corneo Colosseum as a component of the A Dynamite Body challenge
  • Smogger: In Chapter 14, north-east of the town in the Sector 5 ghettos, in the Steel Mountain territory
  • Trypapolis: In Chapter 14 in the Sector 6 ghettos as a component of the Chocobo Search side mission
  • Varghidpolis: In Chapter 14 in the Sector 6 or Sector 7 ghettos (after breakdown)


Spirit Siphon

This FF7 Remake Enemy Skill is found out from Phantom, and here is its area:

  • In Chapter 14 as a major aspect of the Missing Children side journey
  • In the Shinra VR Combat Simulator

To emphasize, players must be controlling the character that has the Enemy Skill Materia prepared when the foe’s capacity grounds or they won’t get familiar with the aptitude. Fans that notice this admonition and visit the previously mentioned Enemy Skill areas ought to experience little difficulty winning the Master of Mimicry trophy in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

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