Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Locked Doors – How to open Corneo’s Vault

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How to open Corneo’s Vault

All through your undertakings, you may have unearthed Final Fantasy 7 Remake bolted entryways with a brilliant winged serpent image on them. As it’s an entryway, you can see there are a few treats inside, yet exactly how would you open these bolted entryways? We’re here to help.

You won’t have the option to get to these entryways until Chapter 14 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, when the side journey Corneo’s Secret Stash is given to you by Damon, the columnist you initially meet with Aerith in Chapter 9. Damon can be discovered only outside of the little town close to the street that goes towards Nuts ‘n’ Bolts Hill on the guide. He educates you regarding a Shinra bunch who have been endeavoring to hold onto Coreno’s advantages, however somebody took the way in to Corneo’s mystery vault. Damon accepts this is connected to the Angel of Slums, thus he sets on you on the way to find this key, which will in the end lead you to have the option to get to the Final Fantasy 7 Remake bolted entryways.

Heading to the hideout  

When you have the mission, your first port of call is really set apart on your guide. You have to go to the Angel’s refuge in Lookout Point by heading through Nuts ‘n’ Bolts Hill and Steel Mountain. Do as such by following the way to one side of Damon. Continue following the way straight ahead. You ought to experience a passage, where you keep on following a similar way to one side until you arrive at an encased territory, where you can see a Chocobo in the event that you’ve likewise gotten the Chocobo search journey. Keep on chasing after the way, where you should see a few stairs on the left hand side. These stairs lead to the area of one of the bolted vaults, so it’s acceptable to hold up under as a top priority as you’ll have to return here to open it.

For the time being however, head past the stairs and continues chasing after the way, until you go to a zone with a Smogger. When you’ve crushed the foe, take the way up on the privilege and move up the stepping stool. Continue chasing after the way up through certain stairs until you arrive at the safehouse, where you should see Mirielle. Address her and make certain to likewise get the note simply behind her which gives hints to the areas of each of the three of Corneo’s vaults. Mirielle sends you off to proceed to discover Kyrie.

Finding Kyrie

On the off chance that you head back the manner in which you came and come back to the zone where the Smogger may have respawned, head up the way on the left this time and follow that equivalent way right back up until you arrive at a hole you can crush through. You should experience some Ringmaws, Gorgers, and Hedgehog Pies as you follow the way. As you go through the space, you’ll hear red-haired character, Johnny. Johnny will tell that he’s been ransacked and educates you regarding the area of Kyrie, who can be found at the congregation where you initially met Aerith on Sanctuary way, which likewise begins the journey Tomboy Bandit that you have to finish so as to get the way in to the vault. Head past the station stage and follow the way down Sanctuary path until you arrive at the congregation, and afterward address Kyrie.

In the wake of talking with Kyrie, you are going to need to make a beeline for Wall Market to participate in a battle in Corneo’s Colosseum for Kyrie’s benefit. You can rapidly quick go there by hitching a ride with the Chocobo wagon utilizing the sign legitimately outside the congregation. In the Colosseum, select the exceptional match where you’ll indeed be taking on the Beastmaster, aside from this time around he has a Hellhound close by. The Hellhound is frail to ice spells so ensure you have an Ice Materia prepared and utilize your most remarkable Blizzard spell. When you’ve finished the match, you can promptly come back to Kyrie in the congregation to get the key.

Opening the Vaults 

Presently you have the key, you should simply really advance toward the three bolted entryway vaults and open them. Head out of the congregation and by and by utilize the Chocobo sign to make a trip to the “Crumbled Expressway – Entrance.” Once you show up, you’re going to need to head right, and follow the way until you duck under the passageway to enter the fallen passage. Once inside, go to one side and there you’ll locate the main vault, where you can crush up all the containers and plunder the chests inside to get the reserve.

The following vault entryway returns you to Steel Mountain and back up those stairs we referenced already as you were making a beeline for the refuge. The speediest method to arrive is to take chill out of the fallen passage and by and by utilize the Chocobo express sign, where you’ll need to make a trip to “Area 5 Undercity – Entrance.” Once you show up, advance out of the town and head back towards the columnist, and follow a similar way back to the stairs you took beforehand to arrive at the subsequent vault.


The last vault

The last vault is situated in the sewers, and the best way to return there is to proceed with the fundamental mission. Go to Wall Market and head to Don Corneo’s place and go into his room up the stairs. Here you’ll meet Leslie who requests that you head down into the sewers with him to seek after Corneo. Basically you need to just follow the questline so as to arrive at the vault. During the mission, you’ll wind up pursuing a naughty Shoat. As you keep seeking after it, you’ll face a lot of fights against Abzu Shoats. When it at long last stops and you fight it, keep on following Leslie. In the long run, he’ll state that Corneo is simply ahead when you arrive at a stepping stool. You should see a force change to the side of this stepping stool and you’re going to need to turn it on.

This empties the water out of the Former Disposal Area, and you’ll see an alternate route scene that shows you the entryway to the last vault. This is the place you’ll need to turn around from the stepping stool to the region you pursued the Shoat and attempted to surround it. It ought to be very obvious from the guide where you have to go. The last vault entryway is on the left-hand side of that territory, yet be readied, as you’ll need to battle a Sahagin Prince to get to the substance inside the vault. Utilizing ice and fire spells here to amaze it is your most solid option.

When you’ve vanquished the adversaries and plundered the entirety of the chests and crushed up the containers, you’ll need to make a beeline for the stepping stool and complete the fundamental journey before you can turn in the side mission.

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