Final Fantasy 7 Remake Moogle Medals Guide: How to Get Moogle Medals

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How to Get Moogle Medals

Since the arrival of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, players have been caught up with investigating the universe of Gaia that has been changed with present day gauges. Yet, other than the graphical enhancements, Cloud’s excursion with his companions despite everything has numerous similitudes with the first game including devoted components from the 1997 battle framework. Square Enix, in any case, has likewise made some Final Fantasy 7 changes, for example, something different for players to gather: Moogle Medals.

Moogle Medals are key things that can be found all through the areas visited during the story. Initially discovered during the Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo, their motivation wouldn’t be found until almost part of the way through the game. Much like Gil, gathering Moogle Medals will permit players to trade them for different things. Be that as it may, so as to purchase everything, players need to acquire enough decorations in any case.

Moogle Medal Locations

In-game, players can discover Moogle Medals by decimating Shinra Boxes or opening money boxes. Note that Moogle Medals are an irregular drop from Shinra Boxes so relying upon karma, it could be some time before Cloud even discovers one. Fortunately, there are various chests all through the story that ensure a Moogle Medal drop.

  • During Chapter 8, there is a chest on a rooftop in the Sector 5 Slums opposite the water tank that players need to hop over.
  • In Chapter 11 while doing the mission ‘Blocked Road/Clear the Way’, there is an entryway in the south side of the zone that has a chest directly behind.
  • On the ‘In Solitude’ mission during Chapter 13, a few Shinra Boxes holding a decoration are situated close to the primary experience with a Bugaboo adversary in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake.
  • During the ‘Intel Gathering’ mission in Chapter 14, there is a chest in an impasse back street toward the north of Wall Market close to the passage.
  • Correspondingly, during the ‘Over the Wall’ journey in Chapter 14, a chest containing 3 awards can be found by making a beeline for the cutscene region and going down the close by way.
  • In Chapter 16, a chest can be found during the ‘Shinra Building Intel’ mission after the cutscene close to certain plants.

Farming Moogle Medals

Simultaneously, there is a substitute strategy for players to get Moogle Medals. In Chapter 8, Cloud Strife meets a gathering of children during the ‘Children on Patrol’ journey. Visiting their mystery base subsequently will lead into the ‘A Verified Hero’ mission that opens the Whack-a-Box smaller than normal game. Notwithstanding winning prizes for hitting certain scores, players will get one Moogle Medal as a cooperation grant each time they play. Since the award is ensured, players possibly need to invest energy here on the off chance that they need to accumulate enough decorations to purchase out the shop.


Moogle Medal Shop

In Chapter 8, players will experience a child dressed as a Moogle that will trade the decorations for novel embellishments and character-explicit things.

  • Silver Staff (Aerith)
  • Gold Saucer
  • Whistlewind Scarf
  • Salvation Badge
  • Burial ground Key
  • The Art of Swordplay Vol. 1 (Cloud)
  • Sharpshooter’s Companion Vol. 1 (Barret)
  • Method for the Fist Vol. 1 (Tifa)
  • Earthly Scriptures Vol. 1 (Aerith)

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