Final Fantasy 7 Remake: What Should You Say When Asked About ‘The Girl We’re Looking For’

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What Should You Say When Asked About ‘The Girl We’re Looking For’

There are a ton of choices players need to make in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and some of them will even affect Cloud’s relationship with different characters. One of these decisions comes in Chapter 9, while players are searching for Tifa.

Settling on the correct decision in Final Fantasy 7 Remake can improve a concealed joy meter that Cloud’s supporting gathering individuals have. This satisfaction meter becomes an integral factor later on in the game. Here’s a breakdown of every decision and how it impacts the game.

Where’s Tifa?

Not long before coming back to Sector 7 himself, Cloud will see a carriage leaving Sector 7 conveying Tifa, who’s completely liked up in a dress Cloud picks prior in the game. After a fast contention over what to do, Cloud will pursue her and will show up simply outside Wall Market. There, they’ll meet a man named Chocobo Sam who was driving the carriage Tifa was in. Cloud and Aerith will scrutinize the man about Tifa’s whereabouts.

Making A Decision

When Chocobo Sam asks who Cloud and Aerith are discussing, the game will express ‘The Girl We’re Looking For…’ and will present three potential approaches to portray Tifa. The decision made can possibly improve Tifa’s relationship with Cloud (despite the fact that she’s not around to hear it).

Breakdown of the Three Decisions:

  • She’s fit as a fiddle: Tifa’s joy increments.
  • She’s a Great Fighter: Tifa’s joy likely increments.
  • She’s Great at Handling the Books: Neutral reaction, Tifa’s joy doesn’t improve or diminish.

In the event that players aren’t keen on improving their relationship with Tifa, the appropriate response doesn’t generally make a difference. Chocobo Sam will comprehend who Cloud is discussing paying little heed to the appropriate response he picks.


When It Comes Into Play

A lot later on, in Chapter 14, Cloud will visit Aerith’s nursery at night. This will trigger Final Fantasy 7’s goals occasion, and one of Cloud’s gathering individuals will go along with him there dependent on how he’s dealt with them during the game. The individual who shows up could be Tifa, Aerith, or Barret, so players ought to be aware of their decisions all through the game to guarantee that they get the cutscene they need.

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