Fortnite Battle Royale: How to Land Faster

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How to land faster in Fortnite

It probably won’t appear to be a major distinction, yet advancing beyond the pack gives an unequivocal bit of leeway. The quicker you gear up, the better you’ll do.

At the point when we previously began playing the game, we couldn’t turn out how every one of those different players were figuring out how to jump on the ground at any rate 10 seconds before we did. They even oversaw it while focusing on precisely the same zone also!

The strategy for landing rapidly is never unequivocally clarified in Fortnite. It’s a method that will lie excruciatingly distant except if somebody reveals to you how to do it.

Luckily, that is actually what this article is here to accomplish for you.

We have a straightforward bit by bit manual for denoting your objective arrival spot, at that point escaping that transport and putting boots on ground.

At the point when you’re finished perusing this guide, you’ll know:

  • How to land faster in Fortnite
  • Common myths about landing quickly in Fortnite

How to Get a Quick Landing

Here’s the means by which to arrive quicker and get the plunder before every other person in Fortnite.

Pick the area you need to drop in, yet whatever you do don’t bounce from the transport straightforwardly above it!

Rather, you’ll have to do some advance arranging and jump bomb into a territory that is close by, so you can skim into your picked area. What’s basic on the off chance that you need a fast arrival is that you maintain a strategic distance from any slopes, hills or raised territory. This will make your parachute send a lot sooner than you’d like.

The game naturally conveys your parachute once it recognizes that you’re near hitting strong ground. Preferably you need to go for patches of land that are at as low a height as could be allowed.

The arrangement here is to send your parachute so you’re at first near the ground, and afterward skim towards your goal. Don’t simply coast gradually downwards over your objective.

You’ll show signs of improvement at making a decision about the distance away you have to hop off the Battle Bus at first so as to get to different areas around the guide. Continue rehearsing and you’ll get its hang.

So in rundown: Pick an area, bounce off and plunge bomb into a zone close by that is at a low elevation. From that point simply float into your goal. That will assist you with getting off to the sort of brisk finding that keeps you in front of the pack – and plundering first.



Here are a few legends about landing quicker in Fortnite that merit clearing up for the last time!

  • Various Gliders don’t make you drop any quicker than others.
  • Umbrellas don’t give you any favorable circumstances. They work only equivalent to ordinary Gliders.
  • You can’t redesign Gliders.
  • Dropping straight over your objective and holding down advances isn’t quicker. It’s in reality far more slow!

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