Fortnite Birthday Guide: Birthday Challenge and All Locations [Updated 2019]

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Fortnite has recently turned two years of age, and has gone from solidarity to quality since its last festival, with heaps of new substance, just as a continually unfurling story that players have been finding.

To praise the event, distributer Epic Games has quite recently reported a gathering of journeys and rewards which you can work through the present moment. The Birthday Challenges will have their very own area in the interface so you can keep tabs on your development.

In this article, we’ve destroyed together all that you have to think about Fortnite’s second Birthday Celebrations. We have a rundown of the Challenges, a breakdown of the prizes for finishing, and some additional data about what everything implies for the Save the World PVE part of the game as well.

Fortnite Birthday Celebrations: Birthday Challenges

The Fortnite Birthday Challenges are accessible until Wednesday 31st July, and are recorded beneath, alongside the prizes on offer:

  • Play matches – 0/10 – Frosted Wrap
  • Move before various Birthday Cakes – 0/10 – B-Day Beats Music
  • Outlive rivals – 0/500 – Birthday Spray: ‘This Many’
  • Increase wellbeing or shield from Birthday Cake – 0/50 – Birthday Cupcake Emote

There’s a further reward to be had on the off chance that you can finish each of the four of these difficulties. Deal with the parcel and you’ll likewise open the Birthday Slice Back Bling.

A large portion of these difficulties ought to be simple enough:

  • – Playing 10 coordinates and outliving 500 rivals essentially requires a big deal venture, and it’ll be something you’ll finish normally after some time.
  • – The other two are marginally trickier as you’ll have to chase down some bothersome birthday cakes covered up over the guide, and eat up certain cuts as well.


Where Are The Birthday Cake Locations?

You have to move before 10 birthday cakes altogether so as to finish this test, and they’re dissipated the whole way across Fortnite’s island. Luckily, when you realize where to look, the cakes ought to be simple enough to spot, as they’ll be encompassed by inflatables. We’ve assembled a guide of the birthday cake areas beneath:

How to Complete The Challenge

When you realize where to search for the birthday cakes, finishing this test is just an issue of setting off to the correct area and after that making something happen before the sugary treat. In case you’re low on wellbeing, you can likewise get a cut of cake to recuperate; not exclusively will it help renew your wellbeing and shield, it’ll include toward your advancement in a different birthday challenge, enabling you to take out two targets with one shot.

In contrast to some different difficulties of this nature, which enable you to return to similar areas in various matches and still gain ground toward finishing the assignment, you’ll have to visit 10 distinct cakes so as to clear this test. On the off chance that you need a visual walkthrough, you can watch us complete the test in the video at the highest point of this guide.

Source By YouTube: HarryNinetyFour



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