Fortnite Chapter 2: Every New Place of Interest on the Island

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The hotly anticipated update is at long last here, and we presently have a rejigged Fortnite guide to oblige the dispatch of the new season. Clearly we weren’t anticipating a seismic move on the size of the progress to the subsequent section, however there have still been a tolerable number of guide changes with the appearance of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2. It appears that we’re getting some noteworthy military nearness with new bases being set up in key areas, just as seaward areas without precedent for Fortnite. Peruse on for an outline of what’s happening in the Fortnite Chapter 2 guide, just as recommendations for the best places to land.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 map changes

From our first take a gander at the Fortnite map for Season 2, we can select various new and refreshed areas. It additionally gives the idea that the Fortnite EGO stations have been expelled, which could have huge ramifications for the Fortnite EGO and ALTER powers. Just as some new tourist spots, for example, the GHOST House in D5 and Box Factory at G7, we have five fresh out of the box new named areas which all contain Henchmen and Fortnite vaults to assault.

Fortnite The Shark

This extravagance island escape and super-reprobate base folded into one sits in the northwest corner of the guide – don’t disregard the chests on the tip of the nose and tail.

Fortnite The Yacht

You’ll locate this goliath extravagance cruiser secured off the coast toward the upper east of the island, and except if you skim to it you’ll have to work over or bounce on the back to jump aboard.

Fortnite The Agency

Assuming control over the Eye Land in the guide, this broad base is canvassed in the Ghost image.

Fortnite The Rig

Simply off the southwest coast close Slurpy Swamp sits an oil rig, and on the off chance that you don’t skim down to it from above, at that point there are stairs up from the water on every one of the four corner columns.

Fortnite The Grotto

Nothing to do with Santa, this inlet base between Dirty Docks and Retail Row on the east coast can either be gotten to by skimming down through the storehouse rooftop bring forth or entering the waterfront openings.


Best places to land on the Fortnite map

Question is, the place would it be a good idea for you to be going for the best plunder and opportunity to dominate the match? When we’ve had the opportunity to visit the Fortnite Season 2 guide we’ll refresh this guide with the areas we figure you should land at.

Steamy Stacks

First up for the best places to arrive on the new Fortnite map is Steamy Stacks, a gigantic force plant in the north-east corner of the guide. With a landmark to the universally adored 3D shape, Kevin, in the front vehicle leave, there’s a lot of chests to be found in and around this immense focal point. It’s likewise in the very corner of the guide, so you’ll maintain a strategic distance from the entirety of the players that affection to go to the middle toward the beginning.

Retail Row

It’s one of only a handful barely any returning areas and in all honesty, Retail Row is as yet an incredible spot to land. Uber Mall has vanished and Retail Row has returned to its old self, with various houses and shops to plunder. At this beginning period in the new season, it’s likewise improbable you’ll run into heaps of players here toward the beginning, as individuals will need to investigate the new places before some place as OG as Retail Row.

Camp Cod

Camp Cod – indeed, the fish, not the different FPS game – is another milestone found in the south-east corner of the guide, south-east of Misty Meadows and underneath the gigantic cold mountain. This spot is gigantic to state it’s not named on the guide, with three unmistakable territories to plunder: a junkyard, tremendous house, and target practice zone. There’s likewise a weapon update seat on the far east side, inside the broken down distribution center.

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