Fortnite: Collect the Visitor Recordings in Moisty Palms and Greasy Grove

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Fortnite’s season 10 second arrangement of Overtime missions are as yet sending players on a quest for the guest’s lost accounts. This time around the test requests that players discover the guest’s accounts in Moisty Palms and Greasy Grove.

Fortnite Visitor Recording Map Locations

These chronicles aren’t too difficult to even consider getting, yet you’ll should be cautious. Since these difficulties are available to everybody, there will be a lot of individuals who need to camp their areas for a couple of free slaughters. Some of the time that implies the most effortless approach to get them is to go late, well after the underlying drop, so the region chills off a smidgen.


Moisty Palms Recording Location

This account sits over the inn in Moisty Palms. You can either land there — which is entirely hazardous — take the stairs inside the structure as far as possible up to the rooftop, or assemble your way to the top later in the game.

Greasy Grove Recording Location

This chronicle is presumably the most troublesome and perilous to get up until now. It’s situated inside the coffee shop in Greasy Grove on a table. Sadly, a few weapons produce around there, so you’ll have to either get a great drop or get somewhat fortunate. Once in a while squatting before a player with a firearm will persuade them not to execute you.

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