Fortnite Creative Codes: Best Custom Maps 2019

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In case you’re searching for Fortnite Creative Codes, you’ve gone to the perfect spot. This rundown of curated Fortnite Creative Codes doesn’t have the majority of the Fortnite custom maps accessible, however we’ve handpicked a portion of our top choices and the most perfectly awesome, so there’s a decent blend of maps to examine. From deathruns and parkour courses to experience maps and fields to fight your companions in, our rundown of the best Fortnite Creative Codes on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and versatile is ensured to have something for everybody.

This rundown will refresh step by step so you can keep awake to date with the top Fortnite custom maps, from experience and perplex maps to little diversions and spectatular structures. There’s something for everybody here and possibly a portion of these Fortnite imaginative codes will in the long run be highlighted on The Block!

Fortnite Creative Codes: June 2019

Alom’s Temple [gabrielpoliti] – 8200-5409-2624

Alom’s Temple is a solitary player experience which has you begin a wooden pontoon held up high by arms. Adventure onto the long overlooked island to investigate Alom’s Temple, stay away from the snares, beat the parkour courses and discover all the shrouded coins inside. This guide isn’t for the timid, since a portion of the parkour bounces become truly intense.

100 Level Default Deathrun [jduth96] – 6829-1378-2440

Deathruns are a prominent idea in Fortnite Creative nowadays, however in case you’re not knowledgeable with them, hopping straight in can be a daunting task. They regularly toss you in at the profound end with crazy parkour courses and traps to evade, yet this “100 Level Default Deathrun” begins off somewhat simpler. Try not to misunderstand me; when you achieve the last dimensions it turns out to be extraordinarily extreme once more, yet you can have a pleasant and simple begin with some straightforward Deathrun stages, simple enough for even the most fundamental of defaults.

Valhalla: Fallen [creativehq] – 4434-4027-1050

What happens when 16 players are part into two groups and participate in a full scale war inside Valhalla? Indeed, not all that much, it’s extremely only a sweet spot to battle. Be that as it may, if the Heart of Valhalla is pulverized in the center… all things considered, allows simply state what the heck? This multi-dimensional field is an incredible spot to battle with a lot of buddies, simply watch out for the meandering undead among the magma waterways…

Escape Sequence One [puzzler] 9763-1138-2333

You wake up in a sufficiently bright room, with only a bed and a latrine… sound commonplace? You’ll see the motivation from Portal when you produce in Escape Sequence One and need to make sense of how to get away from the room and the remainder of the office. It’s a keenly structured riddle and parkour map, which can end up baffling now and again, however stay with it and you’ll see that it’s a standout amongst the best topical maps accessible in Fortnite Creative.

Tether Balls [trashybyrd] – 9431-0892-9274

This fun minigame for up to four players includes bouncing in hotshot vehicles and swinging around a post, attempting to get however many coasting coins as could be allowed in midair. There’s a lot of flying furniture to push yourself off to achieve those coins at the extremely top, and there’s even a couple of covered up underneath the center of the field. Snatch a couple of buddies and move around a post for some time… hold up what?

Creator Quiz [shinohara] – 7034-0087-4569

Time for something marginally extraordinary, on the grounds that everybody cherishes a test, isn’t that so? This is the Fortnite Creator Quiz, which is gone for individuals who make maps themselves inside Fortnite. Test your insight with 20 interrogates all concerning Creative Mode, from structure prefabs to islands, things, and items, and look out for the mystery room!

Fortnite Academy [gur4anov] – 2569-2533-9863

The relevantly named Fortnite Academy is a free-for-all guide with many floors to duke it out in, alongside a nursery encompassing the structure and a lot of shrouded rooms. There’s weapons dissipated wherever in evident old fashioned style, and on the off chance that you figure you can discover them all, there’s a lot of mint pieces to gather as well.

Bowser’s Castle [Nathan43615] – 2126-6511-3388

We have excluded a strong race course yet this month so snatch your buddies and lash in, on the grounds that Nathan43615 has reproduced the renowned Bowser’s Castle track from Super Mario 64 inside Fortnite. With enhancing mythical serpents, tight corners, and speed supports in abundance, this ATK race is flawless to release pressure from fight royale.

Fortnite Creative Codes: May 2019

Jesgran’s Deathrun [jesgran] – 1103-0256-3362

Deathruns are winding up increasingly prominent nowadays, and Jesgran’s is effectively the most amazing looking yet. Jesgran’s Deathrun begins at the exceptionally top of a spring of gushing lava complete with an immense skull face for enrichment, and you need to discover your way to the finish of “eight spine-chilling dimensions made in 400 hours”. That is quite a while to make a Fortnite Creative guide, yet we really trust it, this looks amazing.

Hide & Seek Kitchen [jstKamui] – 8237-2707-6085

Shroud and Seek is a basic idea, however jstKamui has made a tremendous kitchen and upper room condition where you’re staggeringly little, and you can utilize grapplers to navigate the rooms. There’s a group of searchers and a group of hiders naturally alloted, which makes this incredible for huge gatherings of players.

Plumber Parkour [JackTheRipperJM] – 5273-8887-4633

Everybody adores Mario, isn’t that so? Presently you can basically play a 3D interpretation of a 2D Mario game in Fortnite, with JackTheRipperJM’s Plumber Parkour. Try not to need any objections from Nintendo by utilizing the copyrighted name! Handyman Parkour is basic; hop from pipe to pipe and gather the coins en route. There’s even some Chain Chomps to be found en route, however their eating forces have been nerfed significantly.

Mythological Museum [furrynenja] – 2180-5642-0956

The historical backdrop of Fortnite has been genuinely momentous, from the first meteor slamming on to the island to the runes right now showing up, setting up the bounce to season nine. Furrynenja has deified the majority of the game’s occasions in a gigantic historical center, which is additionally an accommodation for The Block. It’s even got the Marshmello show highlighted!

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Warehouse [sirbongsalot69x] – 1654-0324-7788

In the event that you miss past times worth remembering of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, check out this. Sirbongsalot69x – notwithstanding having dreadful preference for username – has made a gigantic distribution center total with unending Driftboard brings forth to coast around in and draw off some sweet broadcast appointment. Simply don’t go up the passage of lift cushions!

Fury Racing Snow Summit [axel-capek] – 1731-2660-6859

This present one’s basic, yet very much planned. It’s a Quadcrasher race course for up to six racers set on a short blanketed track, with all way of territory and dubious turns. There’s likewise a lot of mint pieces to gather in case you’re playing it solo. Would you be able to gather them all?


Fortnite Creative Codes: April 2019

Quad Deathrun [Beario14] – 0237-0751-2086

At this point, everybody’s known about the normal Fortnite deathrun. You need to make it from the begin to the completion, all while evading many snares and different obstructions to make your life a horrendous experience. Indeed, presently you can do that while driving a Quadcrasher. The idea is the equivalent, however you have to deal with your lift and fly through the air to get past 11 phases of precarious moves and irritating snares.

Bikini Bottom [burtonisthename] – 5382-7631-3234

This one is less terrific, yet more totally amusing. Burtonisthename has made Bikini Bottom – the home of Spongebob Squarepants and co – in Fortnite. Obviously, it’s not all really submerged but rather you can visit Spongebob’s and Squidward’s homes, Sandy’s treehouse, the Krusty Krab, Chum Bucket and that’s just the beginning. Arrrrrrrrrrre ya prepared children?!

Fortnite x Rocket League [fr_adrian] – 6574-1487-6705

Rocket League and Fortnite are two of the most mainstream diversions on the planet, so what happens when you join them? Fr_adrian has done recently that, with a completely working Rocket League arena inside Fortnite Creative. Pick your group, slide down the passage, bounce in an ATK at that point score a few objectives in the field. It supports up to 4v4, so get a few buddies together and play some vehicle football.

P.S: Top Gear did it first.

Rainbow Dropper [Henwy] – 0196-4943-5490

Do you recall the first dropper maps in Minecraft? Well they’re in Fortnite now, and one of the absolute best is Henwy’s Rainbow Dropper map. 10 dimensions of colorful, progressively troublesome drops where you need to basically get to the base in one smooth movement, at that point arrive on the platform. It’s harder than it sounds, trust me.

Excursion Gone South [btb-tetris] – 3818-8214-8319

When you go for a pleasant occasion in a log lodge, encompassed by trees to make tracks in an opposite direction from the hurrying around of present day life… you don’t anticipate that the whole backwoods should be set burning. Sadly, that is actually the situation in btb-tetris’ Vacation Gone South guide. It’s a field guide fit for 1v1 or 2v2 battles and despite the fact that the guide doesn’t actualize anything really one of a kind, the constrained vision from the consuming smoke makes it a wonderful spot to duke it out with your companions.

The Floor is Water [dampfijiwater] – 1940-5024-7240

We as a whole imagined the floor was magma as children, bouncing from couch to table without giving our feet a chance to contact the floor. In any case, imagine a scenario where that magma was in reality dangerous water, and rather than simply having our homes to climb through, there was a whole office. The Floor is Water from apropos named dampfijiwater is a troublesome parkour map with eight dimensions and five shrouded mint pieces to gather, and on the off chance that you tumble off, you’re toast. Extremely soaked toast.

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