Fortnite: Dance at Different Telescopes Storm Racer Mission and Prestige Guide

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While the greater part of Fortnite’s missions this week have to do with either the tempest or hustling, one goal is only somewhat unique. This test sends players to move at three unique telescopes over the guide.

In the course of the last a few Fortnite seasons telescopes have been in loads of spots around the guide. In any case, not at all like in season 3 when they were all over the place, there are far less telescopes on the Fortnite island now. To assist you with finding the staying ones, we’ve assembled a guide.

Fortnite Map Telescope Locations

This strategic is as straightforward as it sounds. Simply approach every one of these telescopes and start your preferred move to get kudos for it. Sadly, there aren’t a great deal of good methods for moving between various in a similar game, which implies you’ll presumably need to finish them independently.


Prestige Guide: Dance At Three Different Telescopes In A Single Match

For the harder variant of this test, you’ll have to make it to every one of the three telescopes throughout a solitary game. To do that, you’ll really need to play a shrewd round of Fortnite.

Every one of these telescopes will expect you to arrive at the highest point of a mountain, so you’ll have to ensure you have a lot of materials before you land at every one. With some savvy play and a little karma from the zone you ought to have the option to complete this test in a matter of moments.

How to Do it:

  • Land at the southernmost telescope, where the least players are probably going to be.
  • In the wake of moving at the telescope, gather materials and weapons in the region.
  • When you have many materials and a weapon, head north to the cold telescope.
  • Head toward the focal point of the guide, and move at the last telescope.

Source By YouTube: InTheLittleWood



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