Fortnite: Dance in Front of a Bat Statue, and Seat for Giants Boogie Down Guide

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Dance in Front of a Bat Statue

Fortnite season 10’s Boogie Down missions are tied in with moving in explicit ways and better places. For this specific crucial should move before a bat statue, in a route over the ground pool, and on a seat for mammoths.

These pieces of information may appear to be enigmatic, however they’re anything but difficult to discover once you realize where to look. To assist you with making sense of that, we’ve assembled a guide with each of the three move areas on it.

Fortnite Dance Map Locations

The bat statue is in the memorial park at Haunted Hills and is the farthest off the beaten path of any of the areas you’ll have to move at.

In the interim, in any event for the test’s first day, the seat for goliaths and the pool are both in a similar spot. The pool is on the coasting island, be that as it may, so it’s constantly conceivable it could move. The seat is in the community south of Shifty Shafts.

While the seat and pool are over one another, this adaptation is altogether simpler, so it merits attempting to complete this test as quickly as time permits.

The standard variant of this test isn’t excessively confounded. You’ll simply need to move at these areas at whatever point you need, so you could finish numerous in one game, or simply do them all independently.


Prestige Guide

For the Prestige variant, you’ll have to move at these Fortnite areas during a similar match. Much the same as each challenge in season 10, you’ll have to finish the standard form before you move onto the Prestige.

For the Prestige form, your most logical option will be to begin at Haunted Hills at that point walk south and attempt to hit the coasting island for the pool and the seat. When you’ve moved at all three, you’ll have finished the test.

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