Fortnite Gifting Guide: How to Gift Skins & Other Items (2019

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Fortnite’s gifting framework has been one of the most vigorously mentioned highlights and it’s at last advanced into the game – kind of. Instead of being a perpetual component, it’s currently only a constrained time occasion which flies in to a great extent, before vanishing for some time. All things considered, superior to nothing, eh?

Gifting initially propelled right back in update 6.31 and it enables players to send things from the shop to their companions. It’s been portrayed as an “underlying gifting period” by the devs, so it seems as they would in the end like to make this a long haul thing, however right now they need to watch out for any maltreatment potential or adventures before moving it out on a lasting premise.

In our gifting aide we’ve sketched out all that you have to think about the framework, from its impediments to how you really blessing a thing to your companions.

UPDATE: 3rd April 2019

Gifting is back temporarily in Fortnite, however Epic hasn’t reported precisely to what extent for.

Here’s the declaration:

Fortnite: Gifting Overview

Here’s the lowdown on how the framework functions:

  • Gifting will be accessible on all stages, except for iOS gadgets. This is on the grounds that Apple itself doesn’t bolster such an administration.
  • After the administration dispatches it might be accessible – at first – for around multi week, so don’t stay nearby on the off chance that you need to give somebody an early Christmas present.
  • You should have Multi-factor validation set up for you on the off chance that you need to partake in the blessing framework.
  • You’ll just have the option to send endowments to somebody you’ve been companions with for at any rate 48 hours, so ensure set your mate rundown up well ahead of time.
  • You can make a limit of three presents in some random 24 hour window.
  • You can’t discount any things that are talented.
  • In the event that it’s not in the Item Shop at the time you need to make the blessing, you won’t have the option to send it.
  • In the event that you’d preferably not be immersed with beautiful, dazzling free stuff, you can debilitate the alternative to get blessings in your record settings.


Fortnite: Gifting Walkthrough

Here are the means you’ll have to finish on the off chance that you need to send a companion a blessing in Fortnite:

  • Go to the in-game Item Shop.
  • Select the thing you need to purchase.
  • Pick “Purchase As A Gift” rather than “Buy Item”.
  • Subsequent to choosing “Purchase As A Gift”, select a companion and include an individual message on the off chance that you wish.
  • Complete the installment.
  • At the point when your companion next logs into the game, the thing will hang tight for them in a blessing box, prepared to be unwrapped.

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