Fortnite: Heavy Shotgun Guide Damage Stats and Tips (2019)

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A fresh out of the box new Shotgun is presently live in Fortnite: Battle Royale and we figure it can possibly shake up the game colossally. It’s known as the Heavy Shotgun, and that implies each impact from this husky weapon will convey a huge measure of harm.

We’re as of now working with constrained data about this weapon, however we do realize that the Heavy Shotgun ahs higher range than every other Shotgun presently in the game. It’s additionally founded on the SPAS12 which is self-loader and prepared to do running through shots with hardly a pause in between. It’s basically an amped-up adaptation of the famous Tactical Shotgun!

Underneath we’ve assembled all that you have to think about the new Heavy Shotgun and we’ll refresh this page with all the most recent when we know more!

Heavy Shotgun: Overview

Here’s all that we know so far about the Heavy Shotgun, alongside a solid portion of theory. Expect a gigantic update once it goes live later on at late morning!

Damage Stats

We’ll have these up as soon as we can, bear with us!

Name Rarity DPS Damage Fire Rate Mag Reload
Heavy Shotgun Epic 73.5 73.5 1.0 7 5.9
Heavy Shotgun Legendary 77.0 77.0 1.0 7 5.6


Basic Info

  • It has a higher range than the majority of different Shotguns in the game.
  • You can just get this weapon in Chests and Supply Crates.
  • While it might have higher range, it won’t be strangely overwhelmed in such manner. Regardless you’ll need to get very close to convey huge harm.
  • It depends on the SPAS12, an exceptionally ground-breaking self-loader shotgun.
  • It’s Fortnite’s first Legendary Shotgun. This implies it’s accessible in both Epic and Legendary flavors.
  • In the event that anything, we can see this weapon being utilized by all players who go over it, taking into account how amazing Shotguns are in the game by and large.


Heavy Shotgun Tips and Tricks

Here are a couple of pointers to enable you to get ready for action with the Heavy Shotgun.

  • When shooting the Heavy Shotgun, ensure you’re getting very close for ideal harm.
  • Try not to be hesitant to hop around when you’re occupied with a duel with another adversary, as it’ll make you harder to hit at nearer nearness.
  • Indeed, even with a Shotgun, center around hitting the head in the event that you can. On the off chance that you land your shot perfectly, you can conceivably take out a foe with a solitary impact.
  • It’s fundamental that you land your shots, so attempt and take that additional half-second to arrange your crosshair before impacting somebody. Miss and it could cost you dear, so be persistent!

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