Fortnite: Hidden Letters in Loading Screens and Where to find Them?

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Regardless of the numerous progressions that have come around with the new part and season, despite everything we’re finding mysteries from remuneration pictures – and as opposed to fight stars, we’re currently searching for Fortnite shrouded letters in stacking screens. To beat one of the Alter Ego challenges and open a secret incredible skin, we have to discover the majority of the F-O-R-T-N-I-T-E letters covered up in stacking screens, with a new screen being revealed every week by ticking off the Fortnite missions. On the off chance that you need to polish off the arrangements of week by week challenges during Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 at that point read on, and we’ll show you precisely where to scan for the Fortnite concealed letters.

Fortnite hidden letters in loading screens locations

We’ll be refreshing this Fortnite map every week with the areas for the majority of the Fortnite concealed letters in stacking screens.

Fortnite hidden letters in loading screens locations

Head to the highest point of the slope east of Lazy Lake, and you ought to have the option to detect an uncovered fix of ground behind a stone. Approach it and you’ll uncover the Fortnite shrouded letter in the stacking screen for Week 1, insofar as you’ve finished enough of the provokes as of now to open it.


Week 2 Fortnite hidden letter in loading screen – O

For beating eight of the Fortnite Open Water difficulties from Week 2, you’ll get a stacking screen of a fruitful angling trip. Look carefully underneath the deck of the clifftop working out of sight and you’ll see an O concealed behind the help swaggers.

This structure is found on the north coast at Craggy Cliffs, so head there then pursue the highest point of the precipices underneath the deck. As you clear your path through the backings, the Fortnite concealed letter in the stacking screen for Week 2 will spring up by the stones insofar as you’ve opened the test for it as of now.

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