Fortnite All Hidden Secret Battle Stars Locations (Season 9)

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Our Fortnite Season 9 Secret Battle Stars Locations Guide includes a state-of-the-art rundown of consistently accessible to locate those concealed stars! We will include the majority of the stacking screens in front of the discharge, so you’ll know precisely where to go when you wrap up your difficulties for the week. You’ll need to bookmark this page so you know precisely where each star is found.

What’s going on with these mystery fight stars? Indeed, everything began in season 4 where you could open a stacking screen at whatever point you finished the majority of that week’s difficulties. Some bird looked at player saw the diagram of a fight star in one of the stacking screens. They went to the area and low and see there was a star that they could gather! In one of the accompanying seasons, they included shrouded flags that can be found also. In Season 9, in any case, they’ve disposed of concealed standards and highlight Fortbytes.

What do the hidden Battle Stars do?

When you gather one of the shrouded fight stars you are given 10 stars towards your fight pass. This is useful for leveling it up rapidly and opening those wonderful makeup you paid to get.

What happened to the hidden banners?

It gives the idea that Epic chose to evacuate concealed standards and supplanted them with Fortbytes. Before, it would return and forward between a concealed fight star and pennant. Presently, despite everything we get a shrouded fight star each other week, however the flags have been expelled. It is vague how this will function going ahead!

Look at all of the stacking screens from over a wide span of time with our Fortnite Loading Screen List!



The unavoidable issue at the forefront of everybody’s thoughts when the new season hits is the thing that will be the concealed skin for the fight pass! It has been in the past that you have to finish difficulties to open them, however this time you’ll have to gather Fortbytes. To become familiar with those, look at our Fortbyte Locations Guide.

Season 9 Hidden Battle Star Locations

Every week you complete will open a stacking screen, that screen has an insight to the area of the concealed fight star! Before you go chasing for these stars, make certain you complete the specific week’s difficulties since it won’t be there until you do as such.

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