Fortnite: How to Get a Lump Of Coal Guide

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Lump Of Coal

In the event that you’re thinking about how to get a piece of coal in Fortnite, at that point you’ve gone to the perfect spot! We’ll investigate where you get this throwable thing, and why precisely you’ll have to realize where to get one. These aren’t the most valuable thing, yet there is one stunt you can do with them that may be useful to you.

Winterfest is here and alongside the occasion comes the Winterfest 2019 Challenges! One of these difficulties necessitates that you, “Arrangement harm to a rival with a Lump of Coal.” To do this, you should do a reasonable piece of looking around the guide for either a lootable thing or another chest object.

How to Get a Lump Of Coal

To get a Lump of Coal you have to locate a Present in the game or plunder an Ice Box. The Presents are unbelievable things that are truly uncommon, however can be found now and again as floor plunder. It’s conceivable that they leave chests too, however I’ve by and by have not seen that. When you locate a present, you can toss it on the ground a huge wrapped box will show up! Hack it open and see what the endowments inside wind up being!

In case you’re fortunate, you will get yourself a Lump of Coal! You can likewise discover them in Ice Boxes which are spread around the guide. This is what they resemble:

This is the thing that we have to finish one of those Winterfest Challenges. You can toss the coal like you would an explosive, by choosing it at that point squeezing and holding the fire button. You should throw this at some clueless unfortunate casualty and hit them with it. Group Rumble will probably be perfect for this since you can drop on somebody and toss it at them, or even hurl it at some individual who went afk. There’s a great deal of chances for completing this effectively in that mode.


Stoke a Campfire

In the event that you didn’t know, there’s likewise an optional use for the Lump of Coal. There’s another specialist in the game that enables you to Stoke a Campfire. You pay 30 wood and the recuperating you get from the pit fire will be quickened. On the off chance that you would prefer not to pay wood, you can toss the coal onto the effectively touched off fire and it will become fed!

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