Fortnite: Land on Different Bullseyes Mission Map & Complete Guide (2019)

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Land on Three Different Bullseyes Across the Map

Fortnite’s most recent arrangement of missions are about exactness. One lot of goals requests that players arrive on three diverse bullseyes over the guide.

These three spots are on the whole simple to arrive on, however you must realize where you’re going first. Here’s a guide with every one of the three bullseye areas checked.


As normal with these land here missions, there’s actually no real way to speed them up. You’ll simply need to stack into three games and land at one of the spots in each game.

The spots don’t really loan themselves to a decent early game, so it might even merit stopping out of the match when you land at the bullseye you’re going for.

On the off chance that the Battle Bus is far away from the bullseye you have to hit, don’t stress over it. You can drop crosswise over about the whole guide in Fortnite as long as you open your lightweight flyer early enough, so you ought to have the option to finish this crucial three games regardless.


Source By YouTube: TheLlamaSir



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