Fortnite: Map Named Locations and Landmarks {Chapter 2} 2020

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Fortnite’s greatest regular update – ever – has landed, and it’s carried with it a totally upgraded guide. This is something players have been requesting, for what appears to be an age, and Epic Games surely haven’t let us down.

The new guide has 13 new areas, with everything from sandy sea shores, docks, knolls and marshes for players to investigate and conundrum with shots. Waterways now course through the guide, and all-new discoverable Landmarks make it feel somewhat more invigorated than past seasons.

It’s very likely going to change through the span of this season, however. So we’ve assembled a guide that will take you through all the new areas, just as any progressions which go live later on.

Fortnite: New map changes (Chapter 2: Season 1)

First up, here’s a picture of Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 1’s everything new map:

One significant change with this season is the expansion of an obscured guide. At the point when you first commencement the season, you’ll have to reveal the guide by visiting every area and milestone.

Next, here’s a gathering of all the new areas:

  • Rocky Cliffs
  • Messy Docks
  • Furor Farm
  • Holly Hedges
  • Lethargic Lake
  • Hazy Meadows
  • Wonderful Park
  • Retail Row
  • Salty Springs
  • Slurpy Swamp
  • Hot Stacks
  • Sweat-soaked Sands
  • Sobbing Woods

As should be obvious, there’s an aggregate of 13 areas. Salty Springs, Retail Row and Pleasant Park all arrival from past seasons, however with huge changes to their encompassing surroundings.

You’ll see some new takes on past areas as well. Moaning Woods is currently Weeping Woods, while Fatal Fields is presently Frenzy Farm. Not just have they got new names, they’ve all got a totally unique feel, and from what we’ve played – they’re unquestionably significantly more captivating to fight it out in.

The guide’s additionally observed some immense far reaching developments. Sweat-soaked Sands and it’s assortment of islands commands the north western edge, while Misty Meadows is an a lot bigger variation of Lucky Landing with some snow topped mountains tossed in for good measure as well.


What are Landmarks?

These are new focal points over the guide which aren’t named. You’ll experience these by investigating each side of the guide, and the UI will tell you when you’ve done as such.

Visit these areas and they’ll shading in the guide totally. In spite of one of these difficulties recommending there are a sum of ten on the guide, there are bounty more to find.

What were the old Fortnite maps like?

Fortnite’s guide has surely experienced it each of the, eleven seasons to be precise. There’s been a wide range of biomes, traversal highlights and cherished areas which aren’t in the most recent cycle of the guide. To perceive how it’s changed, or just to get a whiff of the sentimentality, the people over at have a brilliant guide segment which is well worth having a look at.

Source By YouTube: GameSpot Gameplay



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