Fortnite: Phone Booths – How to Open Doors with ID Scanners

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Fortnite telephone corners are a fresh out of the plastic new presentation with Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2, however it’s not quickly evident what their motivation is. Utilizing a telephone stall to camouflage yourself in Fortnite is fundamental for two of the difficulties this week, including the one that expects you to open three entryways with an ID scanner. Here’s all that you have to think about Fortnite telephone corners including the areas and what precisely they do, alongside how they attach in to the Fortnite vaults.

What are Fortnite phone booths?

Fortnite telephone corners look precisely as you’d anticipate. They’re tall and red, much like the telephone stalls you’d find in London and jumping inside will mask you as a Henchman. Masking yourself implies Henchmen won’t take shots at you – except if you shoot at them or get excessively near one so your camouflage falls off – and you can open entryways and chests with ID scanners in the five Henchmen bases.

You have to open three entryways so as to finish one of the difficulties, so ensure you’re visiting the Fortnite telephone corner areas recorded beneath. You’ll have the choice to check yourself regardless of whether you’re not in mask, however it won’t give you much karma. What you can do notwithstanding – in the event that you can’t find a good pace corner – is down a Henchmen at that point convey them to a scanner. Connecting with it will filter them rather than you and presto! The entryway will open.

Fortnite phone booth locations

Fortnite telephone corners can be found in every one of the five new areas; The Agency, The Yacht, The Rig, The Grotto, and The Shark. These are the main five spots Henchmen will generate and watch, so it bodes well that you’ll possibly require the mask when you’re there.

The Shark phone booth locations

  • Under the extension on the north-west side before the helipad.
  • On the island toward the south-west.
  • On the island toward the south.
  • On the island toward the south-east.

The Yacht telephone stall areas

  • In spite of being only a pontoon, The Yacht has four telephone corners. The first is on the island toward the south-west with the respawn truck.
  • The second is toward the front of the boat in the open, beside the helipad.
  • There’s another at the furthest edge of the vessel, beside the segment with three gold umbrellas.
  • At long last, there’s another on the base degree of the boat, in the stay with heaps of cots.

The Rig phone booth locations

  • At the east side of the area, underneath the helipad.
  • Between the six colorful delivery cases on the west side.
  • In the base of the north-east leg of The Rig.

The Grotto phone booth locations

  • As you drop from the fundamental passage, you’ll have the option to see one telephone stall by the edge of the water close to the slope.
  • Follow the stream out of the cavern and you’ll locate another behind the little gatekeeper cabin before the exit.
  • The last telephone corner at The Grotto is against the divider in a similar enormous room as the vault entryway.


The Agency telephone corner areas

  • As you approach the structure from the south, there’s one outside to one side before certain stairs going down
  • Around the rear of the structure, there’s another in a little pit with a cardboard box and a transporting latrine.
  • The third is on the north side of the island, beside the little gazebo with a speedboat on the opposite side.

Other phone booth locations

  • At the Ghost house in the upper right corner of matrix square D6 is one telephone stall outside by seven versatile toilets.
  • Inside a similar structure, there’s one behind a divider in the banquet room through the front entryway.

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