Fortnite: Season 10 Map Changes, Patch Notes, Vehicle, & More

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Season X propelled early Thursday morning, and the official diagram trailer takes note of that the “world is destabilizing quick.” Like everybody anticipated dependent on Wednesday’s Season X story trailer, the blast of the Zero Point caused a wide range of logical inconsistencies in space-time. A few territories of the guide seem ordinary, however close to the focal point of the guide, the previous Dusty Divot has returned to Season 3 time Dusty Depot with the meteor suspended noticeable all around.

These “baffling Rift Zones” influence the gravity at a couple of key areas, however they can likewise adjust players’ appearances in astounding ways.

Map Changes: Dusty Divot Is Back

For six full seasons (4 through 9), the spot only upper east of the guide’s inside was ground zero for a meteor sway. After some time, an examination compound and afterward a timberland rose on that spot. For Season X, the zone has returned to its unique state, however so has the meteor bound to decimate it.

A few structures on the edges of the named zone, at times alluded to as “production lines,” has likewise been reestablished. “The world you play today may not be the world you play tomorrow,” the Season X review trailer states, inferring that see goals like the first Tilted Towers could return in a constrained limit — or possibly Moisty Mire!

Rift Zones

The new specialized term for what’s occurred at Dusty Divot/Dusty Depot is that the Zero Point blast has transformed it into a “Crack Zone.” Most areas will likely stay in a condition of motion all through the season, perhaps moving on a week after week premise.

The B.R.U.T.E., a Two-Player Mecha Vehicle

Maybe the sole residual vehicle in the game, the B.R.U.T.E. is another mecha that apparently originates from what’s to come. (We originally witnessed it in Wednesday’s story trailer.) Two players — a driver and a heavy weapons specialist — can direct it to do decimating harm.


Patch Notes — What’s Been Vaulted?

The Baller and Quadcrasher have been vaulted, so versatility and techniques for movement have been significantly lessened. Epic Games wrote in the fix takes note of that they feel “that Season X is better experienced with a decrease in portability.”

The accompanying things have likewise been expelled from the game:

  • Stone Knock Pistol
  • Shadow Bomb
  • Self-loader Sniper
  • Strategic Assault Rifle
  • Mounted Turret
  • Air Strike
  • Ordered Glider Redeploy (still accessible in huge group modes)

The fix notes likewise note the new Missions, “a progression of topical goals that award rewards. These will apparently supplant Fortbytes as the reward challenge types this season.

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