Fortnite Settings Guide: Best Settings for PS4, PC and Xbox (2019)

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To beat the challenge in Fortnite you’re going to require a lot of strategic understanding, and pointedly sharpened survival impulses.

It’s similarly as imperative to change your game with the best settings however. This is particularly valid in the event that you regularly avoid the choices menu and adhere to the defaults.

Take some time here, and you’ll appreciate improved point affectability and a smoother framerate. That assists with completely everything.

Regardless of whether you’re new or a veteran our manual for getting the best settings in Fortnite will give you a noteworthy edge on the challenge.

How to change settings in Fortnite

Before we begin, here’s the manner by which you really get to the settings on the PC and reassure releases.

  • PC: Hit the little three bar symbol at the highest point of the primary game screen, at that point the pinion wheel.
  • PS4/Xbone: From the anteroom, press the alternatives/menu catch, at that point the gear-tooth wheel symbol.

Best PS4 and Xbox One Settings

This procedure isn’t as unpredictable as the PC changes underneath, and it works in especially the contrary design.

You’ll be utilizing joysticks to move your character and point. Now and then the default affectability settings can make these activities excessively lumbering. Time to flavor them up a bit.

  • Controller X and Y Axis: Set these to between 0.75 – 0.90 on the off chance that you need to have the option to turn quicker in light of foe gunfire.
  • Gamepad ADS Sensitivity: This oversees the affectability when pointing down sights. You’ll need this lower and sitting generally between 0.50 – 0.70 for ideal precision.
  • Gamepad Scope Sensitivity: This is for expert sharpshooter pointing. Set this somewhat higher than the normal. Generally between 0.75 – 0.90 relying upon whether you’re needing to rapidly snap to foes, or go for a progressively estimated shot.

Competitive PC Settings

Video settings

This is what settings you’ll have to fiddle around with to get the best execution out of your PC establishment of Fortnite

Snap the menu in the upper right corner, select the machine gear-piece and pick video settings.

  • Window Mode: Fullscreen.
  • Show Resolution: Your screen’s local goals. In case you’re uncertain, check your screen’s goals on the web.
  • Edge Rate Limit: Unlimited.
  • 3D Resolution: Set this to your screen’s local goals.
  • View Distance: Medium is fine.
  • Shadows: Turn off inside and out for best execution.
  • Against Aliasing: Medium gives the best parity of value and execution.
  • Surfaces: If you’re battling with FPS, set this right down. Generally Medium or above is fine and it’ll make the game look somewhat more pleasant.
  • Impacts: Low. This will balance out your FPS.
  • Post Processing: Low.
  • Vsync: Off, except if you’re encountering real screen tearing.
  • Movement Blur: Off, as it can upset perceivability.
  • Show Grass: Off, so you can spot adversaries all the more effectively.
  • Show FPS: Helpful for tweaking settings and testing execution.

Make sure to snap Apply in the base just before you leave the choices screen.

Stretched settings

The absolute best Fortnite players bring down their screen goals so it extends over the screen. It doesn’t look as pleasant, yet the additional zoom gives a few favorable circumstances and hindrances:


  • Everything appears to be nearer. This makes adversaries simpler to spot and giving them a bigger hitbox as well.
  • You support FPS also as you’re playing at a lower goals.


  • Field-of-see (FOV) is significantly diminished. You’ll should be increasingly mindful of your environment in the event that you need to endure!

Complete the accompanying strides to play Fortnite in “extended mode”:

  • Empower Fullscreen.
  • Lower your goals.
  • Investigation with various goals until you discover an equalization that works for you.


General PC Settings

In addition to the fact that it is imperative to get your in-game settings right, it’s additionally essential that your PC is fit as a fiddle as well.

This implies ensuring your Graphics Card’s (GPU) drivers are totally modern. Ensure your variant of Windows is normally refreshed too. Proceed to check if there are any updates you’re absent.

In the event that you have a NVIDIA GPU, at that point there are some additional means you can take to help support execution in Fortnite.

Open NVIDIA Control Panel and explore to Manage 3D Settings.

Snap on the Program Settings tab and discover Fortnite. On the off chance that you can’t discover it, click on Add and look down until you discover it.

  • Set Maximum pre-rendered edges to 1.
  • Set Monitor Technology to G-SYNC (on the off chance that you have a G-SYNC perfect screen).
  • Set Multi-Display/Mixed GPU Acceleration to Single showcase execution mode.
  • Set Power Management Mode to Prefer most extreme execution.
  • Turn Vertical Sync off.
  • Empower Threaded Optimization.
  • Set Preferred Refresh Rate to Highest Available

Mouse Sensitivity Settings

Getting your mouse affectability right is an imperative piece of achieving the triumph screen.

A large number of the tips associated with tweaking your mouse settings are emotional however. What works for us probably won’t function admirably for you. Test until you locate your very own sweet spot.

We found the lower you go, the more control you’ll have. It’s something you’ll become accustomed to after some time and with training.

Something else, in case you’re utilizing a lowland standard mouse don’t stress over this. Rather, center around the subsequent stage underneath.

Next, type ‘mouse settings’ in your PC’s pursuit bar and snap on the principal result. Select ‘extra mouse choices’ in the upper right and it’ll take you to another screen.

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