Fortnite Telescope Locations: Where to Dance at Different Telescopes (Updated 2019)

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As the most recent season starts to progress in the direction of the last commencement, its opportunity to go out scanning for Fortnite telescopes, which you’ll have to move at to tick them off your rundown of Fortnite Storm Racers challenges for Week 8. We last observed telescopes back in Season 3 of Fortnite, when they were facing up at the approaching comet that inevitably crushed Dusty Depot and made Dusty Divot – a portending maybe of how Fortnite Season 10 is going to end? There are three Fortnite telescope areas on the island, and we have every one of them here for you in this helpful guide.

Fortnite Telescope Locations

There are three Fortnite telescopes to be found over the Fortnite map, which we’ve set apart above. These are all over blocked off mountains, so you’ll have to either coast down on them from above or develop to their summits so as to get to them. When you arrive at the Fortnite telescope area, fire up a move act out and you’ll add it to your gathering.

Fortnite Telescope – Dusty Depot

Toward the west of Dusty Divot on a mountain in network F5, there’s a Fortnite telescope alongside a wooden seat and cooler settled close to certain trees.

Fortnite Telescope – Shifty Shafts

Marginally southeast of Shifty Shafts, at the edge of the snow biome in network E7, you’ll locate a singular Fortnite telescope close to three cold trees.


Fortnite Telescope – Moisty Palms

Southwest of Moisty Palms, over one of the desert tops in lattice H9, sits a Fortnite telescope nearby a RV occasion set up and ideally several convenient chests for sure.

So those are the three Fortnite telescope areas you have to visit and move at. On the off chance that you Prestige these difficulties, at that point you’ll have to move at two distinct telescopes in a solitary match, for which we’d recommend utilizing those close to Dusty Depot and Shifty Shafts as they’re nearest together. Endeavoring this in Team Rumble mode will likewise make things essentially simpler for yourself.

Source By YouTube: InTheLittleWood



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