Fortnite Umbrella Guide: How to Get the Golden Umbrella

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Subsequent to observing enough Fortnite recordings you’ll have recognized that a ton of players drop into fight by utilizing a somewhat extravagant looking umbrella. Instead of utilizing the standard parachute – or one of the other restorative things – they’d preferably adopt the Mary Poppins strategy to dropping into battle.

How would you really get an umbrella in Battle Royale however? Fortunately it’s a serious straightforward issue – in case you’re tenacious enough – and just necessitates that you get somewhat great and somewhat fortunate at playing Fortnite after some time.

Battle Royale Umbrella

To open the Battle Royale umbrella, you “essentially” need to guarantee a Victory Royale and beat each other player in some random match.

When you’ve accomplished an alleged Victory Royale there’s nothing else you have to do so as to open these things. When you’ve won a squad or an independent player fight, umbrellas will be consequently added to your gathering. From now on, you’ll have the option to drop down into battle like a surprisingly murderous Mary Poppins.

In the event that you’re attempting to pack your very own umbrella, at that point you are profoundly urged to investigate our complete Fortnite Battle Royale direct. In there you’ll locate an immense number of tips and heaps of procedure exhortation, from picking the ideal opening spot to choosing the weapons that will frequently lead you to triumph.

Season 5 UPDATE

Since Season 5’s out, there’s a fresh out of the box new Umbrella to sack.

When you have earned a triumph, you’ll get a spic and span Beach Umbrella which’ll be popped straight into your Locker. All you need to do at that point is prepare it, and you’ll be prepared to go!

For a see of the Beach Umbrella, simply look down to the base of the page through our “All Umbrellas” area.

How to get the Golden Umbrella and Glider

You wouldn’t accept what number of false gossipy tidbits are coursing around how to get hold of the ‘Brilliant’ umbrella/lightweight flyer. As a matter of first importance, a really brilliant umbrella doesn’t really exist in game – not yet, at any rate. It’s really a camo variant which simply happens to look somewhat brilliant, and it expects you to horse up a litte additional money.

We’ve perused a wide range of silly messages on the web, with individuals saying you have to win X number of games and various things. All things considered, we’ve revealed an official reaction from Epic Games which should surely clear things up for those of you who need to get hold of the camo umbrella or lightweight flyer.

Turns out it’s really straightforward, you’ll should simply buy the Founders Edition of Fortnite: Battle Royale and get 1 win. So there you have it, the guaranteed approach to getting your camo treats!

Winning isn’t simple, and in case you’re needing some exhortation, we very prescribe looking at our how to win top 10 manage for some inside and out tips which’ll enable you to guarantee that main spot.

In case you’re after a glance at a greater amount of the beauty care products accessible in Fortnite: BR, ensure you look at our free and premium outfits control!


All Umbrella Rewards

Not exclusively is there a camo Umbrella and Glider accessible to acquire in Fortnite. Gain a Victory Royale during a Season and you’ll procure a unique Umbrella as a reward.

Underneath we’ve assembled a rundown of the considerable number of Umbrellas presently in the game.

  • The Umbrella – Win a game.
  • Snowflake – Get a win in Season 2.
  • Paper Parasol – Get a win in Season 3.
  • Wet Paint – Get a win in Season 4.
  • Beach – Get a win in Season 5.
  • Founder’s Umbrella – Save the World Founder + Win as a Founder.

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