Fortnite Updates: Crash Pads and Kingsman Umbrella

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One cool new thing remembered for the update (by means of Fortnite Insider and Fortnite Intel) is a Crash Pad. This clever little box is less about slamming, notwithstanding, and increasingly about catapulting yourself into the air. It’s essentially a convenient trampoline you hurl at the ground and bounce all over on to dispatch yourself into the guide’s sky.

No perspiration on the off chance that you hit the ground after an especially enormous hop – you won’t take harm on the off chance that you’ve bounced from a Crash Pad, and likewise, conveying one while you’re tumbling from a stature will likewise spare you the wounds. Crash Pads come in sets of three, as per the informal notes, and it’s conceivable the most extreme stack size will be six, however this isn’t affirmed right now.

The update additionally brings another amazing thing: the Kingsman Umbrella. It’s accounted for to be an extraordinary skirmish weapon that likewise furnishes players with a helpful shield, contingent upon the circumstance.

You can turn the umbrella around to increase a lift towards your enemies and afterward use it as a weapon against them, while likewise freeing it up to avoid foe discharge, and even as a gilder if necessary, as well.


Notwithstanding the above things, there’s likewise a scope of affirmed bugfixes added to the game, which are as per the following (by means of the authority Fortnite Trello board):



  • Competition scores are outwardly mistaken in Lobby and in-coordinate.

Battle Royale


  • Accidental Carry or Shakedown on controller.
  • Spy Games: Stuck on ‘Select Tech’ screen.
  • Style choices for certain Locker things not sparing.
  • Spear Gun not getting plunder reliably.
  • Auto Pick Up not working appropriately.
  • Deadpool Plunger not obvious on 4:3 angle proportion.



  • Bulletin Settings don’t spare when replicated.
  • Intuitive UI not working appropriately when utilizing the Quick Menu on versatile.

Save the World

  • Makeup may not stack appropriately for players when joining a crucial.
  • Safeguard Eliminations don’t tally towards mission credit.
  • Produce rate for Love Lobbers is excessively high during experiences.
  • Love Lobbers’ shots can harm player manufactured structures.


  • Shadows darker than anticipated.
  • Dark Bar showed on Note 10+.

Source By YouTube: itsJerian



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