Fortnite: How to Upgrade your Weapons Guide (2019)

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Redesign Benches are a fresh out of the plastic new expansion to Fortnite: Battle Royale. Beforehand, you could exchange materials as an end-result of firearms, however the choice to update your weapons has never been advertised. Because of the ongoing patch, that is altogether changed.

How to Upgrade your Weapons

To redesign your weapons in Fortnite Chapter 2, you’ll have to get yourself an Upgrade Bench. Underneath we’ll control you through what they resemble, where to discover one and how they work:

Where can I find Upgrade Benches around the map?

You can discover redesign seats all things considered named areas and a few milestones. The primary couple you find will be indicated out you by a notice on the left half of your screen, presented underneath.

We’ve been searching for them and have had the most achievement glancing around in developed regions. Camp Cod was the place we found our initial one, and you can likewise discover them at different areas like Lazy Lake and Frenzy Farm. Keep your eyes out for these seats any place you go and you’ll have the option to exchange assets for better weapons, and look at our guide areas and tourist spots manage for more data on investigation.

What does an Upgrade Bench look like?

Think work-seat, not seating-seat. To be completely forthright, the Fortnite Upgrade Bench still appears as though one of those round sinks you find at motorway administration station toilets, yet it’s at any rate going to stick out. Look at the picture underneath for a case of what to pay special mind to – note the light at the top to enable the thing to stick out.


How much material do you need to upgrade a weapon?

Every weapon level costs an alternate measure of asset to overhaul. On the off chance that you have a typical (dim) weapon, you’ll have to spend less to bring it up to exceptional (green) than you’d need to spend updating an epic (purple) to an incredible (gold). We’ve recorded the expenses underneath.

  • Normal (Gray) to Uncommon (Green): 50 Wood, 50 Stone, 50 Metal.
  • Remarkable (Green) to Rare (Blue): 150 Wood, 150 Stone, 150 Metal.
  • Uncommon (Blue) to Epic (Purple): 250 Wood, 250 Stone, 250 Metal.
  • Epic (Purple) to Legendary (Gold): 350 Wood, 350 Stone, 350 Metal.

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