Fortnite: Utopia Secret Battle Star Locations – The Loading Screens

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Week 9 of Fortnite Season 9 is here, so it’s an ideal opportunity to go chasing for another Fortnite Utopia mystery Battle Star. Because of an accommodating break we previously had the picture for this Fortnite Utopia stacking screen, which means in the event that you need to gather the mystery Battle Star for Week 9, at that point we have every one of the subtleties for where you have to go. This ought to be the last one for this season, concerning even-numbered weeks (counting up and coming Week 10) there are various prizes joined to the Fortnite Utopia stacking screens, which are incorporated into the Fortnite Fortbytes challenges.

Recollect that, you’ll need finished the essential number of weeks of Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges before the mystery Battle Stars will show up in the areas we uncover in this guide, so don’t squander your time going to them before you’ve put in the work else you’ll be returning with next to nothing.

Fortnite Utopia shrouded Battle Stars area – 9 Weeks

Inside the week 9 stacking screen you’ll discover another Fortnite Utopia mystery Battle Star, on the off chance that you look close enough. Inside the spray painting in favor of the skate bowl, you’ll see a green vehicle behind certain ropes with the recognizable Battle Star drifting over it, which we’ve featured in the picture above. In the event that this vehicle isn’t natural to you, it’s concealed in Mega Mall, so make that your next port of call.

Fortnite Utopia concealed Battle Stars area – 7 Weeks

This week there’s a Fortnite Utopia mystery Battle Star area covered up away in seven days 7 stacking screen. We’ve hovered in red just on the off chance that you can’t make it out. That is Pressure Plant clearly there so expecting you’ve finished difficulties from any seven weeks, prepare to drop over the well of lava:

Fortnite Utopia concealed Battle Stars area – 5 Weeks

In the wake of overcoming the Utopia Challenges for five weeks you’ll get this charging stacking screen including one of the Slipstream fans. Look carefully on the correct hand side of the screen and you’ll see a few directions composed around the edge of the fan – B2, B3, C2, C3. The convergence of those guide lattices is found by the demolished palace on the mountain east of Haunted Hills, so head toward that path.

On the off chance that you approach the destroyed mansion from the east, towards the precipice with a breeze turbine on top, at that point you may almost certainly select an uncovered fix of earth in the grass. In case you’re not skimming in, it’s ideal to come in up the slope from the north, except if you have a piece of mats to develop to it.

Fortnite Utopia shrouded Battle Stars area – 3 Weeks

Completion three weeks of the Utopia Challenges and this stacking screen will be yours, highlighting the Doggo skin encompassed by different pooch pets (and a subtle feline out of sight). Inspect the spray painting on the divider and you’ll see a Battle Star over a heap of vehicles – in case you’re inexperienced with this sight, it very well may be discovered only south of Junk Junction, so drop in toward that focal point.

It shouldn’t be difficult to recognize the pile of vehicles out and about south of Junk Junction, and on the off chance that you need to get to the point, at that point you can arrive straightforwardly on the top upset vehicle. On the off chance that you land by walking, you can without much of a stretch move to the top by bouncing your way up from the truck taxi side.


Fortnite Utopia concealed Battle Stars area – 1 Week

Commencement the Utopia Challenges for multi week and you’ll get this stacking screen, demonstrating a female Raptor skin shooting without end on a minigun. Investigate the side of the weapon and you’ll see four directions jotted as an afterthought – I5, I6, J5, J6. This focuses to a zone on the guide only south of Lonely Lodge, so head there.

Fortnite Utopia Challenges rewards

Epic have kept on blending things up with how the prizes for the Utopia Challenges are dispensed. Despite everything you get another stacking screen for every seven day stretch of difficulties you complete, however at this point just the odd numbered weeks have a Stage 2 challenge accessible to chase down concealed Battle Stars. It’s reasonable the stacking screens from the even numbered weeks will connect in to the Fortnite Fortbytes Challenges rather, and the select Utopia skin is likewise connected to the Fortbytes instead of Weekly Challenges. There’s as yet a Season 9 pennant to be had, demonstrating a zeppelin floating over the neon city, on the off chance that you figure out how to beat all the Utopia Challenges for the total 10 weeks during this season.

Fortnite Utopia Challenges Skin

As talked about above, opening the Utopia outfit includes gathering 90 of the 100 Fortbytes instead of finishing Utopia or Weekly Challenges. The reward for doing this is the up ’til now anonymous puzzle Utopia skin, which is of Legendary irregularity and will probably touch base with an additional arrangement of difficulties to beat that will at that point open extra styles.

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