Fortnite: Vaults – How to Open the Five Secret Rooms Full of Treasure

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Fortnite vaults are presently a thing in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 – and no, we don’t mean the vault that things of a former period get kept into. These new vaults can be found at five explicit areas on the guide in Fortnite, and you can get some sweet plunder inside, including gold weapons and XP coins. Here is the manner by which to get into the entirety of the Fortnite vaults.

What are Fortnite Vaults?

Basically, Fortnite vaults are bolted rooms on the new guide that have a lot of top notch chests inside. You can’t break into them all things considered, so as to obtain entrance, you need to execute a particular miniboss and get their entryway keycard. Question is, the place would you be able to discover the supervisors and where are every one of the vaults? Here are the entirety of the Fortnite vaults and how to execute the supervisors.

The Shark Vault

First up is The Shark area in the north-west corner of the guide. This vault is in the storm cellar and so as to get the keycard, you have to chase down Skye.. Upon death she’ll drop the right keycard. She’s conveying a gold ambush rifle and doesn’t have a ton of wellbeing, so she ought to be genuinely simple to bring down.

At the point when you’ve murdered her and got her keycard (and extraordinary weapon!), head down to the storm cellar, Equipping the keycard will put a symbol for the vault on your HUD, however ensure you’ve prepared a mask by means of a telephone corner first. On the off chance that you don’t, there’ll be an auto turret down there with 2,000 wellbeing that bargains some genuine harm on the off chance that you attempt and take it on.

The Rig vault

Down in the south-west corner of the guide is The Rig, a gigantic oil rig which is overflowing with partners in crime. Land here from the fight transport and TNTina, the miniboss highlighted in the trailer, is the one you have to murder. She’s generally watching the focal region and can frequently be seen outside on the top deck. TNTina is outfitted with a one of a kind Boom Bow yet once more, she isn’t too burly to even think about killing.

Get the keycard and the vault is over on the north side, inside one of the colossal legs propping up the whole apparatus. Inside will be the vault entryway; swipe the Rig Keycard and all the plunder will be yours, at that point utilize the latrine to escape.

The Grotto Vault

The Grotto is a troublesome spot to manage in light of the fact that thugs can shoot you through the one fundamental passage as you take off down. For whatever length of time that you get inside and get a weapon however, you ought to be alright. Utilize the telephone stall by the edge of the water to camouflage yourself at that point head into the north side of the office to discover both the vault entryway and Brutus, the operator supervisor for this zone.

He has a minigun and is shockingly precise with it, so this battle can be intense. Make sure you understood out the encompassing partners in crime and since Brutus is so burly, he takes a great deal of hits. When you’ve in the end brought him down, you’ll have the option to get the two his ground-breaking minigun and Grotto Keycard. Open the vault entryway close to where you slaughtered him for the sweet plunders.

The Yacht Vault

The Yacht is in the north-east corner and Meowscles the meaty cat is who you have to chase down. He can be discovered just in the primary live with many associates around him, so either take them out first or find a good pace individual with a camouflage. In the event that you have a shotgun, at that point he ought to go down decently fast.

At the point when you execute Meowscles, you’ll get his Pew Assault Rifle which is an interesting substantial attack rifle, and the Yacht Keycard to access the vault which is down on the lower deck. Either obliterate the turret or utilize a camouflage to move beyond and bounce’s your uncle, so much plunder!


The Agency vault

The Agency is the gigantic structure that has assumed control over Eye Land in the guide. This is the place Midas, the chap who cherishes gold, lives and who you need to murder to discover the Agency Keycard. He’s generally watching within the structure, regularly on one of the lower floors, simply ensure no other partners in crime can assault you while you’re battling him.

Dropping him will net you Midas’ Drum Gun, an exceptional variant of the weapon which is right now vaulted in every single other structure. When you get the keycard, head to the storm cellar of the structure to discover the vault, simply bring down the two turrets or discover a camouflage first. One tip is to take out one turret at that point run for the control board, since opening the entryway will deactivate the other one. Inside, you’ll discover such a lot of plunder, in spite of the fact that this is the hardest vault to reach, so good karma!

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