20 Best Ways to Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards 2019

Is it accurate to say that you are burnt out on seeking and arriving on all the phony destinations which guarantee to give you free Amazon gift vouchers utilizing their fantastic generator apparatuses?

Indeed, there are some simple and veritable approaches to get free Amazon gift Card in 2019.

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Here is this article we’ve secured some simple techniques to get Amazon gift vouchers. It isn’t the moment techniques to understand that cards yet these strategies are the best alternatives and as nearest as you would get to genuine unconditional present card codes.

View yourself as fortunate!

Fortunately a large portion of the approaches to get you free codes don’t expect you to do anything exceptional. It either includes joining on a site, loving a page, and other straightforward assignments like that.

How to Get Free Amazon gift Cards?

Presently, we’ve ventured to order all the authentic working techniques and traps to get free Amazon gift vouchers.


All things considered, here are a few strategies that you can development:


Swagbucks has been administering this class and is actually, the biggest and most well known of the ‘Get Paid To’ (GPT) sites.

Swagbucks offers many approaches to win “Swag Bucks” (The type of remuneration focuses or like their cash). This can incorporate advancements, internet based life sharing or even things like hardware exchange ins.

Swagbucks offers the site mode, yet they even have an application so you can procure gift vouchers on iPhone, Android cell phones, iPads, or whatever other gadget that you may have.

There’s nothing superior to acquiring and getting rewards in a hurry. They offer high-esteem free stuff like Amazon gift vouchers, Steam Wallet cards, PayPal equalization and significantly more.


MyPoints is one more GPT site that gives every day prizes to its clients completing an alternate number of undertakings, like Swagbucks.

This webpage even offers payouts for playing recreations, watching recordings, perusing messages, and furthermore shopping on the web from their partners.

In this way, you can have some good times while you pile up to the prizes focuses, which you can use to buy gift vouchers or even LED TVs.


PrizeRebel is a GPT site that is known for its noteworthy help for the clients. They offer an extraordinary administration where you can acquire remunerate focuses from their site and use them straightforwardly from your record to arrange straight from Amazon itself.

This spares you a ton of inconvenience in getting and trading gift vouchers. Less inconvenience is in every case better, and PrizeRebel makes requesting from Amazon substantially more agreeable.


RecycleBank is one of my preferred sites, and it emerges from other GPT locales in light of the fact that their sole intention is to have the reuse and teach individuals.

You can gain focuses and reclaim for prizes (Amazon gift vouchers clearly) on RecycleBank via completing things like perusing articles about eco-accommodating strategies and traps.

This could be a great activity to utilize in case you’re into becoming environmentally viable, win by accomplishing something helpful. They even offer items that are made by eco-accommodating new companies and organizations.

Amazon Promotions

It really is ideal to buy in to each one of those special Emails with Amazon to get refreshes.

In this way, on the off chance that you browse your email account often, you’ll see that Amazon normally offer alternatives to burn through cash in return for gift vouchers, so in case you’re as of now determined to a buy, you can without much of a stretch make some cash back simultaneously.

List of Amazon Gift Card Codes 2019 (Updated)

No. Code
2 2RTT-47SMW9-G5PQ8
6 R6K6-SBV5S5-D3J84
7 T96D-49V6JA-7662U
8 G5KU-JFJ67T-88XV4


Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk (prevalently known as mTurk) is a part of Amazon itself. Presently, It not a carefully a study site, nor is it a GPT site, and it’s even more a publicly supporting site.

You can without much of a stretch profit on mTurk doing a wide range of short errands.

The prizes are then paid directly to your Amazon Pay account, which you can clearly spend on Amazon products, or much move straight into your financial balance. This is a bunch site for individuals who need to acquire some additional cash with their extra time.

There are a few sites which offer free Amazon gift vouchers in return for filling overview shapes which just cost you a moment or somewhere in the vicinity.

Such review sites are supported up by statistical surveying organizations who oversee and direct online overviews in the interest of new businesses and organizations who need to get input about their items and administrations from clients.

As an end-result of the interest, the sites remunerate you with money, prizes, and obviously gift vouchers.

In this way, here are some overview destinations that given you a chance to can use to get free Amazon gift voucher codes. Presently, we don’t grasp the review structure sites as there are times when the clients don’t get anything despite topping off a 5-minute long study.

Anyway, the greater part of them are authentic are you can undoubtedly go along with them for nothing.

Opinion Outpost

Overviews regularly get exhausting and tedious when you need to enter your subtleties for more than 5-10 times.

Be that as it may, Opinion Outpost offers fascinating studies, and you can without much of a stretch reclaim your profit for money and different prizes.


SurveySpot likewise takes a shot at similar ways however offers a higher payout with respect to the reward focuses. You can utilize them to get you an Amazon gift voucher in the wake of rounding out a few structures.

The main arrangement of techniques take a shot at an exchanging premise, something you requirement for a free Amazon gift voucher.

Presently, you would contend with the way that you’re not getting the card for nothing, yet with a portion of the choices, you are exchanging things you don’t claim for the helpful Amazon gift voucher code that you can use to buy anything from the online uber store.


MySurvey is one of the most seasoned and most acclaimed sites; It offers a work area site and now accompanies portable applications.

You can introduce the MySurvey application on your cell phone to take reviews while having an espresso or in a hurry and gain compensate focuses.

Amazon Trade-In

Amazon itself is more than willing to take the majority of your old or unused products. In addition, the best part about utilizing Amazon Trade-In is that they will take care of all the transportation costs.

With everything taken into account, that implies this strategy is unadulterated benefit for your trade, which is dependably something to be thankful for.

Accordingly, the benefit will naturally be given as an Amazon gift voucher code and what Amazon is fundamentally searching for is the electronic gadgets and media. Films, Smartphones, Music, Music Players, and different many different kinds of electronic gadgets.

You can likewise trade your old Novels and Textbooks for gift vouchers. Check the potential benefit you’ll jump on the gift vouchers via looking for the thing you’ll exchange. You can check Amazon’s Official Trade-In page for more subtleties, terms, and conditions.


Cardpool is the official site for exchanging things that Amazon’s been doing of late. It is the online site where you can sell in your unused gift vouchers.

They permit most brand’s gift vouchers with the goal that you can change over them to something explicit (like a cheap food card) into something that you need (like an Amazon gift voucher).

Fortunately Cardpool additionally offers you hard money for the gift vouchers, so you can straightforwardly buy the Amazon gift voucher or the item.


Gazelle is one more spot where you can sell your gadgets in return for the Amazon gift voucher. The rates are focused, and they additionally give installment through PayPal separated from the Amazon gift vouchers.

Gazelle is a great decision for dragging away your old consoles and telephones, and the best things about the site are that they consider the consideration you’ve taken of your item amid the installment.

In this way, on the off chance that you have any gadgets without a scratch or ding on the item, Gazelle will get pay you the best for the hardware.

Margarine fingered dealers be careful, however!


Coinstar is a customary administration that you are likely acquainted with, Insert coins, and get money. Interestingly, you can exchange every one of the coins in return with the expectation of complimentary Amazon codes.

There’s no administration charge for the exchanging procedure, so as it were, it’s a full benefit bargain.

There’s another class for individuals who are aces in lingering or would prefer not to hustle much.

Bing Rewards

Bing Rewards is a clear method to get free Amazon rewards. The procedure is quite straightforward, and you have to enlist with Bing Rewards. At that point, you’ll begin getting focuses each time you look on Bing.

There is an every day limit on the focuses that you can procure (to anticipate extortion in the framework), so you don’t need to propel yourself receiving those benefits.

Simply do the limit, and it would be simpler on the off chance that you set Bing as your default web search tool. Bing internet searcher offers numerous prizes including free Amazon gift voucher code.



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