Gears Tactics: Corpser Boss Guide, Tips & Tricks

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Gears Tactics Corpser Boss Guide

In Gears of War 4 you battle a Corpser, a mammoth creepy crawly (or crab?) beast by lasering it to death with the Hammer of Dawn. The Corpser diminutive people you in size, so the best way to cut it down is to broil it with a laser shaft terminated from space. In Gears Tactics, toward the finish of Act 2, you likewise battle a Corpser—with no space laser to get you out. It’s probably the hardest skirmish of the battle. In case you’re battling with it, you’re not the only one.

There’s no silver shot for easily killing the Corpser, however in the wake of battling it a few times I have a few hints that will make the battle a lot simpler, including how you prepare yourself before fight and how you manage the development gaps that generate huge amounts of additional foes. Here’s the manner by which to beat the Corpser, Gears Tactics’ Act 2 chief.

Consider rebuilding one or two units 

This manager battle will rebuff immature crew structures. In case you’re experiencing difficulty, consider spending an aptitude reset token to re-select capacities for at least one units. Here are some I suggest:

  • Gabe: You’re going to require mending (Stim Level 2 from the Surgeon tree is perfect for its range and capacity to restore).
  • Mikayla: You’ll in a perfect world have Chain Shot 1 or 2 from the Hunter tree.
  • Sid: Your Vanguard is increasingly adaptable (and less basic), however consider building him towards the Paladin tree to help recuperate the remainder of the crew.

For your fourth character, both the Scout and Heavy have points of interest.

  • The Scout’s shotgun isn’t incredible against the Corpser, however in the event that you spec the Scout towards Commando they’ll open the Proximity Mine, which can close rise openings before they generate any units. Gears Tactics Corpser Boss Guide Likewise take the Frag Grenade Mastery aptitude, which brings down your projectile cooldowns. Additionally check your shield opens for a Lower (leg) covering piece with the Utility Belt inactive ability, which brings down projectile cooldowns by two turns.
  • The Heavy is greatly improved at managing harm to the Corpser, particularly on the off chance that you snatch Heat Up and Redeploy from the left half of the aptitude tree, to exploit the Heavy’s Anchor buff.

Mikayla’s sniper rifle and crit damage are key 

Mikayla is your substantial hitter in this battle (and in each manager battle, genuinely). Before you start the strategic, up her expert rifleman rifle with enlarges that improve crit possibility or potentially crit harm. In the event that you have an additional magazine or chest piece with the Autoloader detached ability, those can be a major assistance also—anything to augment the quantity of turns Mikayla can spend shooting the corpser. On the off chance that you happen to have any expertise directs left toward use, ensure Mikayla has Chain Shot and Fast Fingers. Gears Tactics Corpser Boss Guide Quick Fingers lets you reload in the wake of bringing down or executing an adversary, so it won’t neutralize the Corpser, however there will be other Locust focuses in the battle, as well.

The Corpser is an obvious objective to hit, so don’t stress over bringing Mikayla very close—her hit rate ought to be 100% from the vast majority of the field. Keep her on the inside stage when it’s sheltered so she has a simple taken shots at any foes that bring forth in, however move her to security at whatever point the corpser sets up an assault. At the point when the Corpser is shielding itself, exploit the personal time to reload and wipe out littler adversaries. At the point when it uncovers its face, get Mikayla the same number of shots as you can, utilizing Chain Shot, Gabe’s Empower, and any executions you can securely pull off. Her ordinary assaults are dependably acceptable harm, yet basic hits are gold, and will tear out a major lump of the Corpser’s wellbeing pool. You can’t control your karma, yet you can give Mikayla whatever number open doors as would be prudent to land crits.

Save grenades or a Boomshot round to close E-holes 

In the event that you can, keep one projectile in your pocket consistently—don’t have your cooldowns all on a similar counter. You’ll generally need to have the option to close a development gap when it jumps up. Gears Tactics Corpser Boss Guide Except if you’re edgy or have extraordinary cooldown decreases, don’t utilize projectiles to execute ordinary adversaries. On the off chance that you murder a Boomer and get its weapon, the Boomshot, you can likewise discharge a round into the E-opening to close it that way. However, you’ll additionally need to utilize those hazardous rounds against the Corpser.

The Boomshot does big damage to the Corpser 

The Corpser is helpless against the dangerous rounds of the Boomshot, however it may not be promptly self-evident. The Boomshot doesn’t have a huge amount of range, which implies you’ll have to draw near to the front of the guide to land a hit all over. Be that as it may, the harm is justified, despite all the trouble. Organize bringing down the Boomers and use either Gabe or Sid to get the Boomshot, at that point position them close to the front of the guide, trust that the Corpser will show its face, and hit it hard.

Don’t waste ammo on the corpser’s legs 

Simply endure it. It takes a huge number of harm to make the Corpser come out of its guarded group, and more often than not you will have different adversaries on the guide to manage meanwhile. Utilize the turns where the Corpser is shielding itself to clear the field, reload, mend, and put your crew in positions where they’ll have the option to land hits on your next turn.

To improve your arrangement, watch where the Corpser likes to situate its assaults—straight down the inside, and at diagonals to one side and right—and position your crew with the goal that they’ll just need to burn through one activity on development to securely escape the way. That will give you more focuses to spend on shooting.


Gabe’s Empower ability gives you valuable extra moves 

Consistent with his help class, Gabe is increasingly significant as a healer and aide in this battle than as a harm vendor, in any event until he gets a Boomshot. Start your turns by managing harm with Mikayla, when you can, and afterward think about how best to utilize Gabe’s Empower expertise, which allows a colleague an additional activity point (or two, in the event that you’ve figured out how to overhaul it). On the off chance that the field is clear, give Mikayla an additional shot with Empower. Something else, spare Gabe’s activities for towards the finish of your turn, so you can see who may require his assistance. Indeed, even one additional activity point for a character attempting to evade the Corpser’s assault or polish off a Boomer can be basic.

The Corpser attacks first, so don’t waste actions killing weak Locust in the Corpser’s blast zone 

Here’s the request wherein activities happen in this fight:

  • You end your turn
  • Development openings trigger, producing new foes
  • The Corpser does its impact zone assault
  • The Corpser tosses out mines
  • The remainder of the Locust move and assault
  • New Locust bring forth in

The Corpser’s huge assault will hit its kindred Locust, which can be a major assistance for you. Try not to squander activity focuses shooting Wretches or effectively debilitated automatons who are remaining in the impact zone. The Corpser’s assault will murder them and spare you the difficulty. On Intermediate trouble, it bargains 300 harm.

Depleting a Corpser health bar will interrupt its attack

The Corpser’s wellbeing is isolated into three portions, and draining one of those fragments will trigger a short cutscene and move you on to the following period of the battle. It will likewise accommodatingly interfere with whatever the Corpser was doing. On the off chance that you’re sure you can bring down a wellbeing bar fragment, at that point, don’t squander activity calls attention to evading of the Corpser’s impact zone—shoot it in the face rather, and that assault will never come.

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