Clash Of Clans GoWiPe Attack Strategy Guide For TH8

GoWiPe is a solid assault methodology for TH8. By utilizing GoWiPe, you can without much of a stretch 3 star your individual TH8s. I will attempt to give a short guide. We should go to control.

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Army Composition

Following ought to be your military arrangement: 1. Two Golems 2. Two Pekka 3. Four Wall Breakers 2. Two Hogs for drawing manor troops 4. Rest Wizards 5. One Heal spell, Two Rage spells, and One Poison spell 6. Pekka In Clan Castle 7. Toxin Spell in Clan Castle

Kill Castle Troops

Always remember to murder stronghold troops when you are assaulting in war. Mansion troops can make huge harm your military. Send two pigs to bait palace troops. Take those palace troops in the corner and toss two toxic substance spells on them, convey a few wizards to keep them in toxic substance spell’s ring.


Deploy Troops

Convey two Golems on one side of the base. There ought to be some separation between these Golems. Ensure all safeguards assault these Golems. Convey a line of Wizards behind golems to demolish outside structure with the goal that your Pekkas don’t meander around. Send divider breakers to clear path for pekkas to go deeply of the base. Send Barbarian King after pekkas.

Use Spells

Toss a recuperate spell to mend your golems, wizards, and pekkas when they are taking harm. You can likewise spare recuperate spell for the finish of the fight. Toss rage on your troops when they are in the center of base. Utilize remaining fury spell when first wrath spell closes. Note: Using spells shrewdly can greatly affect your fight.

That was a short and basic guide. I trust this guide will push you to 3 star your individual TH8s. Conflict On!

Source By YouTube: Wicked Gaming



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